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Finally taken seriously!

So I managed to get an appointment back at my Doctor's surgery to discuss my latest blood test results and what to do from there and I was totally dreading it!

Last time I saw a male doctor who was totally patronising to me and basically told me to get off my bottom and exercise more and that I would feel better then!

I rang the surgery to get my latest blood test results to check if I was also peri menopausal or actually menopausal and my prolactin levels and was told I was normal - this mystified me somewhat because my symptoms didn't fit normal - when I saw a female doctor at my appointment she took one look at the results and shook her head and said yes they were normal for someone who is peri-menopausal which made much more sense and this is what I had suspected!

She then actually listened to me as I described that I had found the Thyroid UK website, done my research, said that my TSH although in the normal range wouldn't be classed as normal in America and that I had many clinical symptoms - over 40 on the checklist which I described!

She totally agreed after listening that I should be blood tested for the remaining Thyroid tests and antibodies plus the mineral tests for folate, iron, ferritin, vit D and also magnesium due to my sometime sugar cravings to see if it is indeed a thyroid issue.

I am booked in to have these next week and she asked for me to come back and see her afterwards. She also told me that she wasn't averse to giving me a trial of 25mg levo to see if I feel better but we'll hopefully know more after the blood tests come back. Fingers crossed!

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She sounds great. It makes such a difference if there is a two-way understanding between the doctor and patient.

It will be interesting to know how you get on.


Thank you shaws - I could have hugged her at the end of the session!

Obviously she seemed to have thyroid disease experience which was the best thing!

I'm trying to educate myself as best as possible and while I massively suspect that my thyroid is at fault - I also think my adrenal system is also very low which I know can go in hand - add that mix to being peri menopausal and yeah!


This gives me hope I am revisiting my doctor Wednesday after the advice I have also received from the members wish me luck x


Good luck Tinatina - be persistent! x


Thank you and you too x


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