Finally, an Endo who listens!

I saw the Endo recommended by Jackie a couple of days ago and what a lovely person she is. She listened carefully to what I said, read the 4 pages of typed notes (!!!) I had prepared plus all the letters I'd brought along from previous specialists and blood test print outs. She even phoned the lab that had done my previous blood tests to check on a few things. She was my last resort after being told by my GP and previous Endo (who was as useful as a bag of ear wax) that although I have Hashimoto's and an abundance of hypo symptoms there is nothing they can do while my TSH levels are 'normal'. I now have more tests booked and different plans of action depending of the the results of those tests and I feel so relieved. Jackie, THANK YOU so much for recommending her.

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  • Hi I am so pleased, Yes. every one loves her.She made such a difference to my life after years of none and then wrong treatment re thyroid.

    best wishes,


  • Hi Jackie, which Endo is this and where is she based?




  • Hi Diane, Leamington Spa. if interested send me a PM( click on my name) and I will give you all my usual info, general Eno, loads of tUk see her, from many miles away.

    Just out but I always reply ,might not be until tea tme.


  • I wanted to give her a big hug but restrained myself and here's a big virtual hug for you for recommending her!

  • i That is lovely. Just pleased you are finally getting some reliable help.

    Make sure you ask for her copy of the letter to the GP, ask Sue, very factual and useful to have.

    best wishes,


  • Good point, I'll email her now. Lynne x

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