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Been back to the doctors and spoke to her about my results and she told me that I am menopausal, also she said that my tsh was normal. So I said can you explain why I am having these symptoms, she said that I am stressed or anxious and she also said the symptoms I am explaining is fibromyalgia, so I said that is linked to hypothyroid which she totally dismissed. I asked if she could put me on a trial of levo for 6 months, to try and help with my symptoms that are I might add fatigue, joint aches and pains, always tired, find it hard to concentrate, constipation, heavy periods when I get them, feel absolutely crap to be honest, I asked her to check my t4 and t3 that will tell you exactly what my thyroid is doing, she said no because if there was a problem with my t4/t3 it would tell in my tsh. she said no to the trial, that it would be extremely dangerous and offered me anti depressants. Any comments or help more than welcome. Just to add sorry all my other bloodwork was normal.

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  • Who said all your other bloodwork was 'normal'. It could be in the 'normal' range but it could be at the bottom, not the top and that could make a difference.

    Always get a print-out of your blood test results with the ranges and post them for comments on a new question if you don't have them now.

    If you read the following you will be more update that many Endos/doctors:-


    Always get the earliest blood tests re thyroid gland, and fast (you can drink water). If on thyroid hormones leave about 24 hours between the last dose and the test. If you've not had B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested ask for these too as they can cause symptoms if deficient.

  • Your last tsh was 3.7 wasn't it .. u could pay for a full private thyroid panel an if necessary you can trial treatment by yourself.

  • what utter nonsense, the woman is deranged! and know nothing numbs nuts an dhow this infuriates me. for a start in menopause most women start to have thyroid because the hormones change, they do not understand that many

    pathways/hormones stop the functioning and what the paperwork -says- hey cleverpaper work- it talks- doesn't have a clue either, I would get some appropriate eveidence , pick reputeable site for information and print it off an dtake it to her,

    arrogant woman, I expect she might wonder the same when she is at your stage in her life and things start to go west! I agree with aspama an d shaws, and same old same old antidepressants will make you worse.


    and no more patients - I am not surprised he is full up. we need him here

  • Hi trayroz

    Well I can understand how you feel I had the same from my doctor I've been having symptoms of hyperthyroidism for over 15 months..it all started in 2004 when I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid I had to wait six wks for the second blood test...which came bk normal eventho I was still symptomatic.. I also have M/E fibro..I was never treated..I put my symptoms down to my M/E fibro for years then about 3 years ago I noticed I was flushing getting a little hot nothing to bad but I did recognise the symptoms as the menupause so I got my GP to do blood work..sure enough I was going threw the menupause... but about eight or nine months later I started with the worsted hyper symptoms ever and I think it was due to me going threw the menupause that kicked it off...I was sweating so bad day and nite..still am...shaking feeling so weak,,,,..and are in really bad pain..can't sleep...hence this early morning reply..its not like the menupause the symptoms are different worse infact.. I got bloods done AGAIN!!!! And yes I was hyper ..but again the doc made me wait six wks for second bloods...and again they came bk as normal leves I have seen several endos the last one said I was attacking my own thyroid making me go overactive.. but my doc keeps insisting its the menupause coz all my bloods after six weeks are normal levels..I've been fighting this for over 15 months now... just recently been in hospital due to me vomiting up blood...consultant found no colitis just H piylor....but did say I had bad inflammation of the throat/stomach large and small intestines.. I'm I now attacking my bowls/stomach/throat ???? My rheumatologist who I saw on the 10th of Feb dismissed auto immune illness as their is no medical evidence for it...think he must live in a cave in catmandu..I urge you to keep bugging your GP for answers if like me your not feeling well and its affecting your day to day living something must be done to find out what is really going on with our bodies...but I am still wondering if the menupause caused my hormones to go out a wack... best of luck keep asking your GP questions and keep getting blood work if you still feel unwell


  • birkie so you are up at stupid oclock as well, I hav ebeen awake since 1am with ear problems but you know what- ENT says they are fine but they are notbloody fine, don't wantto pay out for a scan. it costs money- are you up becos you cant sleep or are you awake and across th e pond?

  • Hi bluepettals2

    Not across the pond...can't sleep for these stupid symptoms... server sweating shaking in bad body pain doc says its fibro...got ME too...but this is awful I no sooner drop off when I get pulled outa sleep with the awful sweating and hyper feeling..was diagnosed as hyper twice..but no treatment as second blood work came bk normal...and as I said I'm sure the menupause doesn't help...I have bad ear pain too..had a feeling of water in my ear for over 12 months now..doc says he can't find anything wrong...says I might have tinnitus.... think they must be programed to say that if they can't diagnose you!!!! Hope you manage to get some zzzzzzzzz


  • birkie I have ha dbad head resure that gets me awake I had this bad in 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 stl have but in remsission a bit so to speak and sweating drenched shaking , have you considered LYme, look up janeb recent posts go to th eposts and look for janeb says read this. lots of me and cf have lyme a swell as thyroid

  • Hi bluepettal2

    Do you mean lymes disease??? Do English doctors test for it when I was fitter I went on holiday to a range of country's with my then partner..but only Europe..Italy,Spain,Prague.Budapest ect..I can remember getting bit quite a lot..we also did a lot of walking in the countryside... but my GP/endo has never mentioned lymes...and I'm possetive he has never tested me for it..quite frankly I'm getting very sick of the treatment by my surgery...when I'm in a flare up I do try to see my doc a.s.a.p,,,but I always have to make an app which in my surgery is anywhere between 4__5 days to see a doc..and when I get bloods done their always the same tests..and because I'm menupause they always go bk to that...its a let off for them..but I'm not coping well with the symptoms/ pain...I tried HRT even tho I should not take it because I had thrombosis... but my doc insisted I try it...at my own risk..I was so desperate I did...but the first..second and third lot did nothing..I was still very symptomatic.. so I thought either all the symptoms are not menupausal..but are thyroid hyper..but my doc won't do anything as my blood work is normal levels...I was diagnosed by my endo as having thiyrositis....but again doc will not do anything. After being discharged from hospital with a bowel/stomach prob..I had server inflammation.. they only found H piylor...iI'm sure I'm attacking my body and thyroid causing my flare ups...but I will mention lymes...then I'll look at the face he will pull...self diagnosis is something my doctors don't like..same as the internet..one doc told me not to go on and look up symptoms!!!!


  • birkie there is a massive cover up and denial, don't even bother mentioning it- log onto lymes disease action site you will get a lot of help there, I saw a nutritionist who got mine done via regeneous labs you can order yourself its not cheap it went to Germany as nhs don't do th etest properly. seejaneb postof a couple of days ago it reads -- read this., iwouldnt mind betting you have lyme

  • Hi bluepettals2

    Thanks for the info...I'm in the processes of selling my house at the moment... as I can no longer manage it...its just to big to clean..I've slept down stair for the last 2 years as I have to practically crawl up them..theirs two sets of stairs and steps up to the bathroom...when it sells....I hope it does....I Will have some equity and I will be using it to try to get private testing ect...money well spent if I get some results!!!! Its a bit bad having to use this money but quite frankly my GP/endo are cluless I want answers as to why I feel so rottern


  • up to you but if you wantto give me your home email I will forward on anylyme onfo I get as I talk to two others who crawl about as well. don tleav eit o nmain forum tho

  • Hi bluepettals2

    How do I give you my e-mail address.. would be interested in the info bluepettals2__ thanks


  • by private email ONLY birkie

  • How do I give you my e-mail address not to good with technology... lol how do I do it privately?? Thanks bluepettals2

  • menapoause does cause the hormones to go out of wack

  • Hi again trayroz

    Forgot to say in my last post to you ( brain fog lack of consentration)!!!! Even tho you feel hypo and I feel hyper...I don't think it matters if your homomes are all over the place that's what the menupause does I think its brought on my hyperthyroidism with avengance... I'm feel totally rottern ...I have no life and cannot socialise because of how

    I feel...has your GP confermed that you are indeed going threw the menupause with a blood test??? And yes they will try you on all those stupid antidepressants.. I was on about five kinds..none worked just made me feel like a zombie... how the hell can that help you...I want my life back!!! Antidepressants didn't do it for me and my GP also said they would help my fibro pain..ye rite...was waiting for my pain to ebb but it never did...just made me light headed and zombified.... if they don't work for you go back..I wish I had never let my GP try me with all those antidepressants..I'm a bit more forward with my GP now has he as made so many blunders with me lately ...one not getting me in to hospital soon enough when I was vomiting blood back he actually refused to admit me...a locum GP however saw me and admitted me right away...I really have lost all faith in GPs....but I suppose we have to be more firmmer with them.....


  • Might it be worth trying some progesterone? I understand that helps our bodies 'process' thyroid hormones.

    I use a cream but can't really tell if it works or not as I'm not willing to stop it long-term and see if I worsen, but, I definitely worsen on the week off.

  • Yet another one who needed to be retrained - so anti-depressants aren't dangerous and where are the blood test showing you have depression? Your TSH can vary by around 75% through the day. Yes, your TSH will usually rise if your FT4 or FT3 is low, but not if you have other problems (and TSH near the top of the range is not really normal as most healthy people have TSH around 1). With pituitary or hypothalamus problems, the TSH won't rise. Your doctor would tell that it very rare, but that's because the NHS don't test anything but TSH so they don't get to see results with low everything.

    Can you post your results with ranges. It might be worth paying for a private test with Blue Horizon (see TUK site for link and discount) to see what's really going on.

    Can you get a new GP or see one on Louise's list?

  • Can you get a copy of your blood work and put it up here?

  • i went through 6 years of that until i became so ill i was housebound. I was told it was my age, menopause, depression,over weight, eat too much exercise too little etc etc until i started self treating and my dr was amazed by the difference in me. In my opinion my dr was negligent for those 6 years after a partial thyroidectomy. My endo was worse and has to attend a resolution complaint meeting march 7th.

    My dr has now closed his practice, there has been huge public out cry ref the closing even making it onto bbc local news!! he was a lovely chap but in my case utterly useless.

    In hindsight i wish i had just done and stuck to self treatment and not involved the NHS they have been useless and destructive to my health. My new dr not any better so i will have to take NDT and lie to dr an say i take the levo which took 6 years to get prescribed but doesnt get rid of my symptoms like NDT. How ridiculous that i have to lie to my dr!!! i have always worked, pay my taxes and national insurance but have to sneak around and fib to be well!!

    i hope it gets better for you but to do that you must be prepared to do it yourself xxx

  • Hiya thankyou for your in put hope all goes well in march. My doctor put my symptoms down to stress anxiety, menopause and fibromyalgia, which I know is just another word for hypo. When I asked if I could go on a trial of leo and she said abruptly do you know how dangerous that is. But other people I know have been put on leo with a tsh of 3.7 which I think is borderline, do you agree that she is scaremongering, I didn't say I was going to self medicate, she suggested anti-depressants that have really bad side effects, so I said I'll take them but when I got home I threw the script in the bin. What do you think I should do, self medicate or not.

  • I do know it can be extremely dangerous to take thyroid medication when it is not needed. Menopause creates much havoc with the human body!

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