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Thank you so much, am happy I came across this page, the burden is kindda less on me, I was already saying why me. In 3feb my tyroid T3 was 1.63 my anti thyroglobin antibody was 394.70 my TPO was 600.0 in April 15 my T3 was 17.43 my anti body 877.50 my TPO(microsomal) 600.0. I did a scan which state that thyroid gland is enlarged bilitarally, the right lobe measures 26mm * 21mm, the left lobe measures 24mm*19mm, the isthmus is 7mm thick, parenchymal echopattern is uniformly coarse. There are hyperechoic nodles in both lobes, there is very very pronounced hypervascularity, No notable lymphadenopathy.


? Graves diseases: excisional biopsy & serum T3T4 assay adviced

Total cholesterol is 294.9

LDL. 216

Please someone advice me on this, what does they mean by serum T3T4 assay adviced, am I to be on Injection?

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Zeeluv, T3T4 assay means they advise that T3 and T4 blood tests are needed. I've replied to your previous post. Have to say I am confused now whether you are hyperthyroid with T3 17.3 or grossly overmedicated on Levothyroxine.


Crying, what do I do now, I can only see a dr by Monday I feel the lump is chocking my throat and am so scared, what can I do till I see my Dr on Monday pls help me


Zeeluv, don't cry love, nothing bad's going to happen over the weekend. You've just told me TSH and T4 are normal. To have high FT3 is unusual and may be due to the nodules secreting hormone but I would expect to see TSH suppressed and FT4 high if this was the case. I do think you need referral to an endocrinologist. This is outside of the remit of most GPs.


Thanks a lot for your words of comfort and I pray this turns to be a minor issue. I appreciate you


Things are always more frightening when we don't fully understand and doctors are not very good at explaining things or even realising that they need to. Try not to worry, easy to say than do I know but just hang onto the fact that progress is going to be made on Monday. Try to relax as much as you can before then and let us know how you get on


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