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Unhelpful gp

I went to see gp yesterday (not my usual one)

I took with me a list of blood tests I wanted doing following advice on here. He was very much "I'm the doctor here" and asked me to explain in detail all my symptoms and why I was requesting these tests. I did this and asjed did he think there may be a possibility of me having an intolerance to wheat/gluten and he replied you probably have IBS but wouldn't accept it could be linked to my thyroid condition i! He refused to get me tested for vit D as the lab didn't do that and he didn't know which lab did. I asked about getting T3 checked and he said they just don't do it , I asked why and was told we use tsh, T3 is not needed. I explained I had been on this website and I was trying to understand more about my condition so I could help myself to feel better and not have to keep going to see him. Basically he said you shouldn't go by what other people say, they are only sharing their own experiences and are not qualified to give opinions on other peoples health. I asked about the possibility of me not absorbing the thyroxine ( my tsh was 43 when taking 150 mcg thyroxine daily) and he just said wait until your next results come back. He wasn't willing to discuss why it could have happened or how to ensure I take my thyroxine with water at least an hour before food (perhaps he didn't know that) Finally I asked to be referred to a specialist who might be willing to listen to me and discuss in detail my concerns and advise me on my future treatment. He hastily printed blood forms and said we will see what your results say. I came out feeling rather let down about his attitude and will make sure I don't see him next time. Sorry this post is so long ! This is a list of the bloods I had and to be honest some of them don't mean a lot to me, hope someone can translate for me.


AEA Coeliac screen (IGA TTG Ab-ECT). and thyroid function.

Thanks in advance.

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Actually he has pretty much ordered whats needed although I vehemently disagree that TSH is all that's needed to treat thyroid because if you have Central Hypothyroid TSH must NEVER BE RELIED ON

Get a copy of the results of those tests inc reference ranges and post them so we can help furthur

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Will do, thank you.


Well done Daija for being so assertive and getting the tests you know you need organised. When we are feeling so ill and in need of support, guidence and empathy, all that we usually get is a huge hurdle of resistent ignorant deaf doctors who consider us hypochondriacs and time wasters.

I think our new motto on thyroid UK should be "perservere and forgive". Lol.

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That's a pretty comprehensive blood panel there! Included is B12, folate, ferritin etc. so that is good.

FSH/LH are related to ovarian things like egg production,menstruation and state of peri-menopause/menopause. Tested if you are having an awful time with hot flushes or whatever.

All this obsession with TSH! It is merely a messenger. In the name of "cost" we are all victims of a great disservice. As my favourite analogy...we are never finding out what happens at the end of the story because someone has ripped out the final chapters (T4, T3 levels etc). Only with these levels measured can we find out where things are going wrong in the chain of the negative feedback loop.

In your case, Daija, as far as I can make out, you are having elevated TSH despite taking a reasonable whack of levo-T. Seems to me conversion of T4 to T3 is not taking place, hence the pituitary is ordered by desperate cells into pumping out loads of TSH as a wake-up to the thyroid and so it goes round and round.

As regards to Vitamin D testing you can do this yourself if you want. Go to

for the information. I've used them and they are very efficient. Nice helpful man at the end of the phone too!


Thank you. It was his attitude to me and I really felt he only ordered bloods because I asked to be referred. Will ask for results and post when I have them.


I really empathise. My GP was so dismissive 10 days ago, I came home and cried, just feeling at a loss. Then I remembered this forum and a few messages of hope came through. If I can share with you that feeling, then hopefully you can hang on to it.... I still have no answers or a plan, which worries me as I am 3 months off work now. But I know from this forum that I won't be giving up anytime soon ;-) and please don't either. Take care.


I am able to be more assertive now and stand up for what I need. A few weeks ago I wouldn't have as I felt so very low. This forum is a lifesaver, there's always someone to put things in layman's terms as I still don't understand fully about this condition and always receive good advice!


Whatever it takes, Daija, whatever it takes!


I LOVE that analogy Spongecat ;-)


Thank you. I will look into it.


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