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TSH, T4 & T3 now regarded as 'normal.' GP won't refer to specialist despite symptoms. Advice?

Hello all... again.

Tsh 1.6 (0.3-6.00)

T4 16.3 (10.4-24.5)

T3 5.1 (3.0-7.1)

Battled for a long time to get Thyroxine raised (see profile on previous levels) two months now on 75mcg (an extra 25mcg). Don't feel much different.

I knew that I am low in FSH and this now needs attention but I didn't want to do it before having my medication raised to a higher level ( I still have symptoms), as HRT will affect the levels...again.

BUT Surgery was not aware the HRT affects Thyroid/Levothyroxine. And still wont refer me to a consultant after asking again today, because all levels read 'normal' and so what would they refer me for?? No case.

I have collected a prescription for low dose Oest/Prog and due blood tests in a month to check levels again but they have said they will NOT raise my Levo any further due to it causing Thyroxine.. toxic... something or other. ????

I have read all the kind postings and web links from my previous question posted;(see profile) but don't know what the heck to do now? HRT might help me feel better but may affect my Thyroid which they will not raise my Thyroxine for.

Losing the will to live.

**P.S. OK just collected prescription and asked Chemist to check for Levo & HRT conflict. The systems shows no conflicts, it's graded for severity and shows nothing. told me not to worry about it, he's not heard about it either.**

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... I wish a consultant could just look at these results and say 'yes you do need to be seen' or 'see how it goes'.


Here we go again! You know more than the GPs - would printing out this paper bolster your case with the GPs? Sorry if you already know about it, point out to them in case you have to that although it starts off by referring to pregnant women, pursuit of the point that oestrogen therapy increases need for thyroxine via the mechanisms set out in the Discussion section had to be pursued via postmenopausal women..

If they meant that you might become hyper they are wrong, that is a function of a high (out of range) T3, but yours is right in the middle of the range, with plenty of room for improvement, and the T4 is only 5.9 up the range, with 8.2 left for improvement. These are plainly too low, and the TSH is rather high for someone being treated.

75mcg is a very small dose, as you know.


Hello there and thanks for your response,

Yes I already have the link and this information was my defence.

Premique low dose .03mg/1.5mg is prescribed. I'm sure they don't understand why I'm resistant when something is being offered to help.

Just a bit upset at the moment so need to clear my head this evening and decide what to do. HRT or not.


The only way that I've found for GPs to take any notice is by putting a complaint in writing stating that you're not happy with your treatment.

Have you tried any alternatives to HRT?


Hi, yes already done that with Practice Manager hence my latest raising of Levo. Not tried alternatives but have looked into and still looking.




Have you read "Natural Progesterone Cream Safe and Natural Hormone Replacement" by C Norman Shealy, MD PhD? Amazon.



Hello, no I haven't just started really on this 'phase' of it all. Will take a look, thanks for the links.


alangardner's advice is really good, much better than the DIY route.


hi poppyrose, why not FORMALLY request from your gp that , unless he/she is a specialist in this particular field, YOU require a referral to an ENDOCRYNOLOGIST [ when you produce your evidence ] ---as most gp's are not specialists in this field they have a duty to refer you to the appropriate department for specific advice/treatment ------if you are then unhappy with them you can request a through the nhs system for a referral to a trust/specialist of YOUR choice to anyone within the nhs system.....sounds a bit long winded but this does work -----I have used this as well as others that I have helped in other conditions....lots of luck ----if you want more info pm me ....alan


Thanks for this power-filled advice. going to show this to a friend who has had bad scalp problem for months, prescribed meds not working, needs referral to dermatologist but GPs blocking this - cost, no doubt.


forget the cost issue ......your gp HAS A DUTY OF CARE that they HAVE to adhere to as per the instructions provided to them by the G.M.C. guidelines that they are governed by.....therfor your gp IS responsible for ALL of your medical needs that are apparent and they are aware of......unless your gp is a specialist in a particular field they HAVE to refer to the relevant department and then treat under advise from the specialist....this does work --although with some gp's you have to be insistant [ I have been refered to as a bulldog chewing a wasp at times - but more often than not I do get there- ----and that's one of the better things that iv'e been called ]......keep the faith lol alan

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Thanks for the assertive solution, will dig out the GMC guidelines.


please contact 'helveta' ---rod at admin --he has all of the relevant published guidelines as fact....unlike me....and use them correctly for your own situation !!!!


Thanks for the reassurance. as GP's are reading my latest results as 'normal' (the previous ones were worse yet still regarded as normal) they say they don't have a case and are treating appropriately.


It just isn't good enough is it?


OK thanks for that Alan, a helpful thought, and yes I will be in touch if I need any more info.

Thank you.


if you need the ACTUAL info from the gmc guidelines to gp's please contact Helvetia at admin ---rod-- he has all the relevant facts that your gp HAS to abide by.......I believe it is known as the ' hypocratic oath ' which all doctors HAVE to abide by to continue in the medical proffesion alan


Helvella ;) It's some sort of mushroom, not a font type! lol! ;) xx


nice :)


Yes I'm sure he sent me some links when I first started having problems getting information out of them some time ago. Thanks, you've jogged my memory into taking another look.


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