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GP nonsense

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Went to my GP today to float the idea of getting T3 (don’t ask, don’t get) was told that many patients don’t need T3 along with levo (after I’d shown him my recent MediChecks blood tests with my poor conversion plain to see!) and it was a no. Told that levo can take months to make you feel better - and that the blood work improves first before you start feeling better (?)

I then asked about the possibility of a private prescription - nope.

He then said he’d refer me to an Endo (prob going to be a waste of time).

This week I started taking Tiromel I bought online so might just try the Endo and see what happens.

Honestly, why are thyroid patients so short changed by GPs? It’s utterly dreadful. 😟

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I so feel that frustration with you. What comes across clearly from your post is your resourcefulness and determination in spite of the unprofessional, disheartening and disgraceful rebuff. Feeling better just has to be a result so keep up the fight, there is lots of good, sound advice on this forum. In my short lived experience most medics in this field are losers.

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Thank you Baobabs. I think doctors have the God complex so bad 😐


I’m due to see the gp and get him to prescribe t3, as I had to see an endo privately, hopefully with my results they are convinced to prescribe me t3. Fingers crossed 🤗

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Good luck!

To be fair... there are a few reasons why GPs aren’t handing out T3.

1. Poor training. They’ve been taught to only go off of the TSH. If anything else is off then it’s endos job

2. The NHS has a bad contract with big pharma for T3 and it costs the GP surgery £260 per prescription. If your on 20mcg/day. That’s 260/month. If they prescribed it to everyone thyroid patient who wanted it they wouldn’t able to keep the lights on or the doors open

3. There are a few who, armed with pride and greed, won’t prescribe it period. But those are few, as most go into medicine to help, not for the money, unlike the USA

4. Not every thyroid patient needs T3. Even with the lab values in hand, there are other factors at play like weight, age, social morales like smoking, and comorbidities like diabetes etc.

Often, there is a big picture and we are all missing pieces to the puzzle both patient and doctor.

Maybe change GPs?

That being said... pass on your levels here. The community is knowledgeable and kind.

Best of luck


That was not the line taken by Lord Hunt and others in the Lords debate two days ago.

That was what I was told by my GP. My Endo ( who I’d seen privately) wrote two letters to my GP asking for it to be prescribed.

Total refusal.

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