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Endo visit went as expected

Hey ho..... long awaited appointment with the NHS endo. finally arrived and went as expected. The endo was very nice, listened and wrote things down and then proceeded to let me know that I am within range and that everything is ok..... went on to say (I must say that this was said several times), "that there are some people who are unable to feel well on Levo and unfortunately there are no other alternatives". I replied by saying it was unsettling that I have read where there are some endos/Drs that are prescribing T4&T3 as well as NDT. Reply was...those products are not tested or regulated and that they could be made in someones back garden......

So where does that leave me? The reply was.... I'm sorry that we are unable to help answer your questions.....could you be depressed!

On reporting back to my very helpful Dr, who is also at a loss as what to do, I heard her mutter "I wonder what would happen if you stopped taking your medication"....

Anyone know of an endo that is sympathetic to the trial of NDT? Living in Dorset but have heard that there may be an endo in Southampton that is....

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Here is the page from the BNF which lists T3.

The endo was telling you a big fat lie. A massive porker. He is perfectly allowed to prescribe it and it is approved.

I visited Southampton hospital last year for asthma and refused to let them test my thyroid function when they announced they do not use t3 at that hospital. ( I posted about it)

The story at Dorchester is worse.

Suggest you write to Louise Warville ( admin on here) and ask for the list of ok endos. You may need to go out of area. But this is allowed. Hence my going to Southampton for Asthma when I found an NHS report saying hospitals on Dorset were not consistent or good in their treatment of asthma. :-). ( not their exact phrasing)

Good Luck



Highcliffe, some areas/hospitals have stopped endos prescribing T3 but it is licenced for use and listed in the BNF. If your area has instituted a ban on T3 and NDT you may have to self medicate.


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