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Should I wait for hyperparathyroid to be treated before I try T3?'

I have been diagnosed with primary hyperparathyroidism, high PTH hormone and out of range calcium in the blood and urine. Along side my underactive thyroid which has been treated fairly well with keeping my TSH below 1. These are the results

PTH. (1.5-6.5) 11.7

Calcium blood (110-2.55) 2.62

urine calcium. (2.5-7.5) 14.1

Another test was done for 24 hour cortisol and that's come back quiet low which is ;

(25.0-280.0). 37

I would like to start T3 only and I have been on NDT for 10 months which at the moment I am not taking.

Do I need to get my hyperparathyroid treated first (which I think is going to take time) before I take T3

Thank you in advance


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Amanda, why on earth have you stopped taking NDT? You could simply have switched to T3. Parathyroid glands and thyroid glands are totally seperate organs although they are close in proximity so there is no need to stop taking thyroid meds. It could even delay surgery, if required, if your thyroid levels are very out of kilter.


The increase in price was the reason 6 months was going to cost me £400 and I can't maintain that at the moment 😪


Amanda, oh heck! Have you got T3?


No not at the moment, I was looking for some other options for NDT, last night. It was a nightmare trying to get through the check out still not managed it yet


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