Hi i posted a few weeks ago after being told i had fu for 4 weeks (month of january) i was sent to a&e (my heart rate was flying) where they told me I have overactive thyroid. They gave me 120g per day propranolol and 40g per day carbimozole. A month later my GP did blood test to get an idea of level so we could show them to endochrinologist whenever I got an appointment. It showed my T4 was 40.9 i was told this is twice it should be. I do not know how much it has reduced since diagnosed as Gp still hasnt been sent original results. I went for an ultrasound of thyroid last wed. The radiologist said she couldn't tell me anything only the doctors can read the pictures. The apoointments dept rang me today saying consultant asked her to ring me to arrange an appointment for 19th this month. Is this unusual/quick i.e. does this indicate there may be she has seen something on my ultrasound. Usually i would be sent a letter to say an appointment is available and then i would ring appointments dept to arrange a date /time, any time i've had a refereral before. Maybe im looking into this too much:-)

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  • Hi,

    It is different to the usual way of being allocated an appointment.

    Every Radiologist that has performed ultrasound gave me a general idea of what was or was not seen and told me he/she will be writing a report to the person who referred me.

    After saying that I've had many a medical professional tell me 'tosh' too tbh.

    I would say don't get too alarmed, ultrasounds are the initial type of scan done, if they suspect anything likely you will have a much more specific scan done on your thyroid (ordered by the Endo).

    I am only telling you how it was for me, turned out I have an atrophied thyroid (literally half).

    Wishing you all the best xx

  • thanks for your reply jellynpain. Do you think this is a quick or normal enough appointment after the ultrasound?

  • Freckles, it's not unusual for the radiographer to decline to discuss the scan. Scan's often have to be sent to a senior radiographer or doctor for interpretation before results are sent to GPs. It does sound as if the consultant has seen something that she wants to investigate. If she's seen a nodule on the scan she may want to investigate whether it is a 'hot' nodule which is producing excess hormone. Hot nodules are rarely malignant.

  • Thanks Clutter i thought was quite quick good to know radiologists don't always explain things.

  • Hi,

    It is a short time to get an appointment in, but may well just be precautionary, not sinister in findings.

    I know it's the waiting without info that is awful, and can easily start a spiral of worry and panic up to the appointment.

    Perhaps you could ask whoever referred you (GP? Endo?) for the ultrasound if they could tell you the ultrasound findings or hang on till your appointment.

    Try not to worry, I know easier said than done.xx

  • i was referred to endo and for ultrasound when i was at A&E but had the consultants name on the referal letter so don't know what that means. Just have to wait and see:-)

  • the referal letter for the ultrasound I meant, had the consultants name on it. Dr Nadia Satti

  • Thanks both of you for replying so quickly xo

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