Private Thyroid Ultrasound & Endocrinology

Hi All,

I have been told by my GP that I have a Goitre. Having battles for months and months to see an Endocrinologist for an endless list of symptoms, I think I'm starting to get somewhere (here's hoping) I'm awaiting an appointment for a Thyroid Ultrasound with the NHS but my private health insurance that I recently joined has a waiting period of 13 weeks. Does anybody have an idea of costs for a private Thyroid Ultrasound and Endocrinologist? Any information on either would be appreciated.

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A private thyroid ultrasound for which you don't need a referral is about £120, please pm me if you'd like details.

Hi. Does anyone know where I can get an ultrasound in the UK privately? Thanks.

Please can you give me the details of a private thyroid scan! Thanks Dot

i suggest you google

dr peatfield +iodine

Hi Endo`s being consultants, need a referral and then laid down prices. First consultation about £150 then subsequent ones anything up to £150. Check first , secs. A Prof. allowed to charge much more. All ruled by GMC. Endo covers loads of things not so a private doc. Here one can only have a ultra sound, private or NHS if referred by any doc. ( 3 different private hospitals) make sure a thyroid radiologist does it, if paying. Any nodules will need biopsies at a later date. GP can refer NHS for scan too. Generally private thyroid docs charge more and of course, do n ot deal with all the surrounding issues of the endo system,often do not need a referral.


My NHS thyroid ultrasound scan was within 2 weeks of GP request in 2011. Have you had an indication of how long yours might be on NHS?


My GP wasn't sure of the wait but she said it may take up to 8 weeks :-( and I also am waiting for an Endocrinology appointment, god knows how long that will take.

I too am waiting. 6 weeks so far and still no letter/appointment. I had a nodule last year. My scan appointment came within 2 weeks for that because the doctor had put it down as urgent. I have hypothyroidism. .my gp suspects subclinical thyroiditis. My throat has been my biggest problem. .plus no energy. Doc says no urgent referral this time so I may wait up to 18 weeks for a scan/ ent appointment. Ive been feeling unwell since chrismas. X

Mowgli72 were you sent for a Thyroid Ultrasound within the Endocrinology department or just the standard Radiology department? I too haven't felt well for nearly a year and on and off previous to that, it's such a long going battle but had to literally beg for the Endo referral as I am in "normal" range apparently but my TSH always seems to be low and I want my elevated calcium levels and fluctuating PTH dealt with. I read somewhere that specialist appointments have to be dealth with within 18 weeks on NHS

I'm wanting to know the same thing. I had my FNA & scan in December. When I saw consultant on 1st Feb (delayed due to jr. dr. strike) he said results were "indeterminate but suspicious" - he has put me on the wait list for a full thyroidectomy given that my mom had thyroid cancer and said it would be max 5-6 weeks. It was scheduled for 21st April but brought forward to this Wednesday but has had to be postponed (YET AGAIN DUE TO STRIKE!!) so has been put back again to 21st April.

What I can't understand is that if the results are inconclusive why are they going straight for full removal? Surely if they aren't sure they should repeat the test? Do they want to remove it because they are more confident that it is malignant? If so, why aren't they operating as an emergency?

As I can't get any joy with answers I have wondered whether it's going to be best to have the tests privately and then give the results to the consultant?

Would this be best? How much and where will be best? I live in Birmingham but can travel.

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