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Thyroid ultrasound


Hi all,

Just wondering, anyone who has had an ultrasound on their thyroid, have you been referred directly from your GP or have you had to see an endo first?

My thyroid I think has nodules, it is raised more on the one side, and I want to get it checked out. Only problem is, I saw an endo yesterday and was so shocked as he was so nice and caring that I totally forgot to ask him about it!

So my questions really is, can I go back to the GP and be referred from there? Or do I need to see the endo again to be referred, I have my next appointment in 3 months.

Thanks as always :)

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My GP referred me when I had a goitre. I would have thought it doesn’t matter who refers you, but in this instance seeing the GP in the next week or so would in theory be quicker. ☺️

Thank you! So you got referred straight to the ultrasound? Was everything well from your scan? Thank you again

Yes, my scan was fine. I didn’t take lots of notice as I felt so rough back then (only just started on levo) and was still of the mind that my GP would sort everything 😂🤣😂

It showed a slight enlargement on one side. Once the levo kicked in my goitre got smaller. Since being on T3 as well, neck seems more normal.

My voice went back to normal too. ☺️

How did you get on? I've been referred for a ultrasound by my gp. I've had a bulge on left side of my neck for a couple of years now only noticeable when I cough, just thought it was a swollen gland that wasnt there all the time so I didn't pay it much attention. I only went to the nurse because I'd had a cough for afew months, she sent me for a chest xray. Possible mediastinal goitre showed up so I was referred for ultrasound which I have in a weeks time.

Have you got much of a wait for yours?

I went to the GP and was referred for an urgent scan which is done under two weeks from when you get referred. Mine is this Thursday. Good luck with yours! Let me know how you get on 😊

Aww that's good you haven't got long to wait! 😁 thanks, good luck with yours too 👍 let me know how you get on. Hopefully there won't be much of a wait for results

How did you get on with your ultra sound? Hope it went okay 😁

Hi, that's so nice of you to think of me!! 😊 I went along and it was an ear nose and throat specialist I saw, he was really nice. He put a camera up my nose n down my throat to check whether everything looks okay from the inside, which it did. Hes going to refer me for an ultrasound so should get that appointment in the next couple of weeks. He also did a blood test and tested my antibodies so he had a better picture for next time. Not what I was expecting but still progress 😊 How about you? Have you had your test yet? Xx

Aww no problem! 😁that's great everything looks fine from the inside 👍 hope you're not waiting long for your ultrasound. Sounds like they're being thorough 😁 I have my ultrasound on Monday so hopefully I'll have a better idea after that! I've already had blood tests showing my thyroid is functioning fine. Will let you know how I get on x x

They are being thorough! Yes, please let me know how you get on! 😊 good luck with it xx

Hello!! Had my ultrasound and he was happy to chat to me about findings 😁 said I have a big retrosternal goitre that doesn't look like it has anything cancerous in it. He said I'll probably be sent back to him though for biopsies and be referred to a specialist x x

That's really good! Good news for you! :)When do you have to go back? I got a letter today saying ive been referred for a biopsy, but think I need to phone them as I havent had the ultrasound yet! :) xx

Yeah definitely 😁 just need to find out the best way to treat it now with it being in my chest. I have to go the docs first for ultrasound results, radiologist thinks I'll probably be having the biopsy in afew weeks. Hope you get sorted soon with your biopsy! They can sometimes do the ultrasound at the same time as the biopsy cant they? X x

I think thats what they might do :) Do you know what your treatment options are? xx

No I dont know at the moment, the world of Google lol seems to suggest removal is the best way, as I dont have anything wrong with my thyroid so medication wouldn't help. Hopefully my doctor can give me abit more info. Good luck with yours, that's good they might do it in one go so you arent waiting for two appointments! X x

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