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New test results

Had posted an issue a couple of weeks ago and was advised by clutter to have new testing done, which I did and do a new post. So here it is. First, I stopped all bits and minerals, and thyroxine 2.5 days prior to testing (still off the thyroxine til I hear from my doc, and don't notice any physical changes).

TSH = 1.27 (0.35 - 4.00 mcIU/mL)

T3 = 91 (58 - 159 ng/dL)

FT4 = 1.0. (0.8 - 1.5 ng/dL)

B12 = 724. (200 - 910 pg/mL)

FOLATE = 6.5. (>=5.4 ng/mL)

There was a vit D test done too but the test results are taking rediculously long. I take a significant amount of B12, including a sublingual. I also take 2000 iu of vit D3 everyday, so I don't expect that result to be lacking. Also, I had other testing done that revealed a significant drop in both of my lymphocyte counts (putting them more than 15% below the low normal range), all of which is disturbing and could point toward sjogren's (or worse), and it has a lot of over-lapping symptoms with hypothyroidism. We'll see. Looking forward to your comments on the thyroid tests. Thanks all!

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Lacrandall, TSH is a little higher than some people on thyroxine comfortably tolerate. FT4 is low, less than halfway through range. I think you are slightly undermedicated and should request a dose increase, particularly as you are symptomatic. I don't understand Total T3, we rarely see it here, and can't say whether it is good or bad. As your FT4 is low I suspect your T3 is too.

There's no need to stop thyroid meds for more than 24 hours prior to a blood draw. It's not uncommon to feel better when you've been off thyroxine for 2 or 3 days but by the end of a week most people become increasingly hypothyroid.

B12 looks good but folate is a bit low. Take a B Complex vitamin which should have the RDA of folic acid and will keep the other B vitamins balanced. Vit D takes 10/14 days for analysis here.


Thanks! I'm going to start back on the 50mcg thyroxine tomorrow until I can find a local doc for a ndt rx. Ironically my doc said our HMO has Armour on the formulary but they are dropping it due to quality control issues. Not sure why they don't just switch brands!


Lacrandall, haven't heard anything about Armour QC issues and if there were any you can be sure it would be all over the thyroid forums. More likely a cost issue. Naturethroid and WP are far less expensive.


I'll keep that in mind. I have a book that has a link to naturopaths and compounding pharmacies in our area of southern California. Thanks again for all your help!


As your FT4 is low and your dose is only 50 mcg I would just try a higher dose of thyroxine before you go down the NDT route. You may be one if the fortunate ones that thyroxine works for but it looks like you are on a too low dose at the moment.


Interesting thought. I will run that past my doc. In the meantime I'm starting back on the 50mcg until she and I come to a consensus. She reads these numbers/norms differently than we do!


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