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Blood results and GP disagreement

Hi everyone

Here are my recent blood results:

TSH 0.02 (0.30-4.80) Low

T4 20.6 (8.4-19.1) High

T3 5.7 (3.8-6.0)

My GP wanted to decrease my Levo from 150 to 125. I point blank refused as I am finally starting to feel better, have no hyper symptoms and am actually getting my life back! I have even lost 1st of the massive 10 st I have to lose by joining weightwatchers and starting back at the gym.

She is not happy but agreed to let me stay on 150 for the next 8weeks as a trial. Am I doing the right thing??

Despite feeling generally better I am still tired and she thinks this is due to :

Vit D 54 (50-75 insufficiency)

This is despite taking 3000 Vit D3 daily. She has changed me a different tablet to counteract this.

My other question is regarding:

Ferritin 46 (11-307)

I was taking 600mg ferros sulphate but apparently I don't need this anymore?? I thought ferritin was optimal at 70?

If anyone can comment I would appreciate it as I think I am on the right track but want to check!

Many thanks,


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I'd be interested in knowing what vitamin D supplement the doctor has prescribed and what dosage it is.

Your ferritin result is far too low. With regard to what you should be aiming at...

1) A lot of people say that ferritin should be 70 - 90.

2) Some people think that, assuming most healthy people have a ferritin in the middle of the range, then we should also aim for the middle of the range, but this is a decision you must make for yourself. The middle of the range you have given is 159, which is hugely different to your result. Your level of 46 is only 12% of the way through the range.

If you decide to keep supplementing iron, then you can buy ferrous fumarate from a pharmacy.

Ask for 210mg ferrous fumarate in a box of 84. This is enough for 3 per day for 28 days. Some pharmacies insist on a prescription, but some don't. I bought my last box from Tesco Pharmacy for £4.14. I've also bought from Lloyds Pharmacy.

With each iron pill, take 500mg - 1000mg of vitamin C to help absorption and to help prevent constipation caused by the iron.

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Thanks so much for your advice. I will buy the ferros femurate myself as saves another GP arguement! The vitamin D I have been given is Fultium-D3 800 IU Capsules x 4 daily. They are the gel-type.

Thanks again.


You need to take at least 5000 IU's to raise your VitD... you should be dosing according to your result. See below and divide your result by 2.5 to equate the measure ment on the chart shown :-)

Your T3 is not over range so you are not likely to be HYPER. Your symptoms are probably due to the LOW Ferritin. How is your B12 ?

What are you now taking for VitD - like HB asked's not usually enough...

Really good information/history of VitD and then you will know more than your GP !!


Thanks so much for that. I will go back to GP better informed.

The Vit D I have been given is Fultium-D3 800 IU Capsules x 4 daily. Obviously not enough! B12 wasn't tested although I asked for it -grrr!

Thanks again.


Good luck. D3 capsules are inexpensive so I would top up with your own. Also sprays are good and some contain K2 - a vitamin that ensures calcium is directed to right places. Calcium is increased with taking D and you need to keep it out of the bloodstream.

You may find the one the GP gave you will help raise your levels. Probably best to get tested again at the end of the winter.....


According to what I've read, obesity requires a much higher supplementation of vitamin D3. You'll need to increase the daily dose significantly to raise the vitamin D blood level. I think Dr. Hollick mentions this in his lecture. But other doctors also mention this. If you want to give yourself a boost, you'd need to take 20,000 IU per day for a couple of weeks, then go back down to between 3,000 to 5,000 IU per day. Get the blood checked again after two months. Gelcaps containing cod liver oil are better absorbed than tablets. Take with a meal containing some fat because you need bile acid secretion from the gall bladder in order to absorb this fat soluble vitamin.

Certain inflammatory conditions will also turn off the vitamin D receptors and result in low vitamin D levels.

Did you have your full blood count done? Hemoglobin etc? The ferritin is not great but also you need to know how is your blood's oxygen carrying capacity. Sometimes hemoglobin can also be low end of range when ferritin is not optimal. But it can also be excellent. Depends on the individual.

There are people who report that a gluten free diet helps them to absorb minerals and vitamins much better.

Do you have any results for folate and B12? Those should also be checked. Although, to be on the safe side, taking a B Complex with zinc and copper is a good insurance policy. If you get something like a B-25 or B-50 complex, then you won't have to take them everyday. Do a boost for two to four weeks by taking one a day and then you can back off to taking 2 or 3 per week instead.

As you lose weight, you may need to decrease your T4 dose. But don't let the doctor bully you. At some point you may want negotiate a compromise by alternating 150/125 daily. That way you only reduce by a net of 12.5 mcg per day. But it must be agreed upon by the doctor that if you notice this is not working for you, then you can go back up to 150. At least it appears that you are converting T4 to T3 very well and that's a huge bonus. I totally appreciate your position that why rock the boat and maybe end up feeling worse when finally you are feeling better.

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Thank you for so much info, I really appreciate it! The vitamin D I have been given is Fultium-D3 800 IU Capsules x 4 daily. Clearly not enough.

FBC was fine and haemoglobin at high end of range. I asked for folate and B12 testing but it wasn't done. It's infuriating! I am taking control of my own health now though and will supplement with all that you recommend.

Thanks again.


Did you take levothyroxine on the morning of your blood test, if so it can skew the results.

My TSH is usually 0.01 and haven't reduced my dose. Some doctors mistakenly believe that a below the normal may be dangerous but not if we are taking thyroid hormones. This is a link and the first two give information.

When you get a blood test for the thyroid gland, don't take levo until afterwards.


I am personally at the same level as you are with your ferritine....and I am dragging in a bad way. I am terribly fatigued...I think iron makes a huge diiference on how you feel plus if course how you are doing with your thyroid.


It just shows that being 'in range' means nothing!


Yes, unforunately. I have been in "range" ever since 5 years ago and I have never been symptom free. I just figured it was me. I guess its up to us that if we do not feel right or better at our optimum level..we must be incredibly persistent with the doctors to get somewhere!!

I'm going back to my old iron ferogradumet 120 mg a day plus a natural iron of floradix!


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