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Remember me asking you if I'd be crazy to start taking 50mcg of levo?

You lovely people advised me to get my Vit D and ferritin checked (Active B12 already checked and nicely up the range, negligible antibodies).

Well, ferritin and Vit D are also fine, it seems. Probably the best I've seen here, fraud that I am. My ferritin was 106 (range 13 to 150) and my Vit D was 77 (range 50 to 200)

I don't know whether I was kind of hoping whether they'd be something wrong with one or both of those. I guess on the bright side that if I was to take T4 that I'd convert it well...

Ended up starting up my antidepressants again this morning, which is probably not the right thing to do but I keep getting so tearful at work - so very stressed out by a new job and back-stabbing colleagues. I need to be able to function...

Despite all the advice, I'm still nervous about starting T4. As I should be. On paper it makes sense but... Arrgghh. Not sure what to do. Maybe I *am* just depressed. :(

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Nice vits! Get some sunshine when you can as your vitD doesn't want to drop and you need to store up for the Oct-Apr months when you may need to supplement.

Your depression could be caused by low thyroid but ADs may help you cope until you or your GP decide thyroxine is called for. This study discusses the effect of psychotropic drugs on thyroid function


Yes, weren't they? I did supplement with Vit D for a while earlier this year though, so perhaps that wasn't a surprise.

I had read about antiDs interfering with conversion of T4 to T3. Apparently, dieting interferes with that too but I really can't stay this weight. :( I feel like a hippo.


Hi has your GP offered you thyroxine? I know a lot of people have problems and can't tolerate it but many do get better on it. I have been taking it for 6 months now. I was very ill at first and bedridden for 2 months but I have slowly recovered and am back at full time work now. I still tire easily but pace myself and my eyebrows are growing back, my nails look better than they have in years and my cholesterol has reduced from 7.1 to 4.9 plus I gave lost 26 Ibs without dieting. So it may help you. Xxx


No, this would be a self medication job, as explained in the post I linked to. My TSH isn't nearly high enough for a GP to act.

I think I may just do it. If it doesn't help then it'll be kind of diagnostic, I guess? Or totally bu&&er up my thyroid function once and for all!

Losing 26lbs without dieting sounds very attractive and I'm so pleased you're feeling better, Sue. All I really want is some energy to do something other than work. I realise that many of you reading would happily settle for having enough energy to work, so I won't go on about that...


Comparisons are odious, LilyMay. When you feel bad you need support until you feel better. Don't worry about how others cope :)


Thank you x


Clutter I find your remark about my post being "odious" rather offensive. I have found this site and it's members including yourself to be so helpful to me especially when I became very ill after diagnosis. I gave my experience of taking Levo for LilyMay's information as so many people on here can't tolerate it and I wanted to reassure it does work well for some people.


Sue - Clutter wasn't referring to your post with the 'odious' thing. She was referring to mine, where I was saying that my symptoms and what I could do, ie, at least I could go to work when others can't... She was saying I shouldn't feel guilty about complaining about my lot (I think!) xx


Yes, I was, LilyMay :)


Sue, I wasn't replying to your post. I was replying to LilyMay's comment "I realise that many of you reading would happily settle for having enough energy to work, so I won't go on about that...".


Dear Clutter I am so sorry I made that assumption. Please accept my apologies. X


Thanks and no worries, Sue :)


Have you actually posted here what your TSH is? Only I couldn't see any reference to it and often what a GP thinks is a "normal" result may well indicate a need for a prescription if you're not feeling good.What would your GP think is high enough to need treatment?


2.71. Already know it isn't high enough, but thanks for the thought. x


Sorry I've just read your original post so understand your GP is a no go. I would start yourself on a trial period of Levo but be patient and give it time it could take several months for you to feel the benefit. X


Will do, thank you x


Poor you, if the anti depressants make you feel better then don't feel bad taking them. There's no point feeling terrible. You can always try cutting back / out when you feel a bit better.

Your Vit D looks low to me, I would want to supplement and get myself up to nearer the upper end of the range. Meanwhile try and get out there in the sun to get as much lovely sunshine as you can on your body. Hope you feel better soon.

Can quite easily see why you want energy to do more than work, hopefully you will get sorted out soon, don't give up :-)

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Thank you x You just made me look at my Vit D result more closely - and you're right, it could be better. I was just reading this:

which states:

"In recent years, a number of researchers have recommended a redefinition of vitamin D deficiency, and many laboratories have changed their reference range for serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25[OH]D) to comply with that recommendation. Historically, the lower limit of normal for 25(OH)D has been 10-15 ng/ml (25-37.5 nmol/L), depending on the laboratory. Many laboratories are now defining vitamin D deficiency as a serum 25(OH)D level < 20 ng/ml (< 50 nmol/L), and vitamin D insufficiency (mild vitamin D deficiency) as a level < 30 ng/ml (< 75 nmol/L). It has also been suggested that increasing serum 25(OH)D to an "optimal" level could improve a wide range of health outcomes, including better bone and dental health, fewer falls and fractures, and possible protection against cancer and autoimmune disease. A review article concluded that a protective effect began at a 25(OH)D concentration of 30 ng/ml (75 nmol/L), and that the best outcomes were seen in people with levels of 36-40 ng/ml (90-100 nmol/L)."

So I could stand to get my levels higher, it seems.


LilyMay, Your brain can only cope with a few worries at a time, so for now I would.

1.Remain neutral at work let them back stab all they won't, don't get involved, remember it is their problem not yours.

2. Take your time to settle into your new job, get to know who's who.

3.Don't worry about t4 you actually may be utterly fine on it.

4.Deal with the weight problem later, get well first.

5.I feel like a hippo at the moment also, and it does annoy me, but I know that slowly and surely it will come off eventually, but I will not stress myself about it because that does me no good at all.

But I do thank Clutter and Sue for their banter this afternoon, I really did get a good giggle from it, thank you guys for that, we are all human after all.

LilyMay, take care of yourself, don't get stressed over your work colleagues, only hurting you, not them.

Let us all know,Clutter and Sue, as they are also concerned about you.xxxxxxxx


Thanks Manukia. I think that's one of the problems with feeling so tired and rough - you can't think rationally. You just feel the hurt and think dark thoughts about hiring hit men. ;)

Feeling a bit better today (far too early for Levo to have had an effect, LOL - so maybe my long lost period is about to show up?


I know how you feel, it is very hard indeed, working through tiredness ,just working is tiring.

In times like this, take extra, extra, care of yourself,and don,t absorb stress from outside of you.

You are working through all this LillyMay, so that in itself is exhausting for you.

I felt the affects of the levothyroxin on my system in a few days,or something like that, it was so subtle a change, but I felt it, and it was amazing, such a transformation to my body.

Look after yourself,and let us know how you get on with t4, I hope it will be amazing as well for you.

Keep in touchxxxx


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