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Hi again. Just to remind you of the story so far - sorry if this is long-winded.

I have been feeling unwell for about a year; my symptoms are hair loss, dry itchy skin across my head, neck and chest (and now also my arms), brain fog, achy/painful joints/muscles, weight gain and fatigue. I went to the doctor last July, mainly because of the hair loss and itchy scalp, but I told her how I was feeling. She said that it might be my thyroid so, when I got home, I Googled it and found that my symptoms did seem to be a close match. I can't remember if she did a blood test or not then. Things didn't really get much better but, not wanting to be a nuisance, I didn't bother the doctor again until just before Christmas. I was fed up with feeling rough so, with a bit of time off work, I went back and this time she did send me for a thyroid test. When I got the results, the doctor said everything was fine and we could rule out thyroid trouble for now but, as I am Coeliac, she would repeat the test in a year. That was when I joined this group and was told by the lovely members on here to get a print out of my blood results. My TSH was 2.33 (0.2 - 4.5) and my T4 was 12 (10 - 24). From the advice given here I went back to the doctor armed with printouts from links I was given on here but she basically poo-poohed them and said I would probably feel better when spring arrived!! She did say she would order another set of bloods, this time to rule out some kind of inflammation or other - I didn't really know what else.

Anyway, back to the present, I went to the nurse today to have the blood test (it turned out to be phospholipid antiodies if that means anything to anybody!) and the nurse was lovely. I asked her what she was testing for and when she saw my reaction (I was still hoping the doctor had taken a bit of notice and ordered a thyroid antibody test) she told me to go back to the doctor and tell her exactly what I wanted and why. She also said that if the doctor said no then I was to ask for a very good reason for the refusal. The nurse also made a note on the screen to say that she had advised me to return and she suggested I see a different doctor. I am going to make an appointment but I was hoping that someone could help me so that when I do go back I say and ask for exactly the right thing. From reading this forum would I be right in thinking I need to ask for thyroid antibodies to be tested, Vit 12, Ferritin, Folate and vit D? I would appreciate any help and advice anyone can offer before I make another appointment as I am really worried that the doctor is going to think I am just being a nuisance. Thank you

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  • Yes, all the tests you have mentioned and TPO and ThAb tests. Don't worry that she'll think you're a nuisance, that is what they are paid (vast amounts) for. It's your health and your right to be treated properly.

  • Thanks mistydog. That's basically what the nurse said this morning. I'm just not very good at asking for something when I know they are against it!

  • Well there you go!

  • Ha ha. I've got an appointment on Wednesday so I've got a few days to think about it!!

  • I would tell them that you want a free t3 along with the other thyroid tests, antibodies too for Hashimoto.

  • Thanks Faith63

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