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I went for a blood test today, as I am on NDT and my lovely GP is happy for me to monitor it myself. I have a feeling that I could go up a smidge but wanted to check the levels first. The nurse was not happy and said "the labs will not test it as it is not 6 months since the last test". I told her I needed the test and the folate was overdue. She reluctantly did the test. I asked all innocently "why wont the labs do the tests?". She came out with a doozie! "Because it would not give an accurate result". What?

I said if you wanted a really accurate result, you would test twice a day, every day. She then said they would only test the TSH and I asked her to write on the form "on NDT" and ask for T4 and T3 as I was not interested in the TSH. She asked what NDT was and then proceeded to tell me I would do better on just T4. I gave up at that point and smiled sweetly.

Now who is telling the nurses such lies? If it was not for this forum and the knowledge I have gained here, I might have gone along with it. How many others just give in and go away sick?

What would you have said to the nurse, bearing in mind she was holding the needle? :(

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I understand that a needle can be a threat. ;-) However, as she is supposed to practice according to "evidence", then you could go back, tell her you've reflected upon her comments, and would be interested in the evidence on which she based her advice.

Do let us know how you get on with this.


Annonymous, could I have the name of your good Endo please.


I'm wondering what it's got to do with the nurse anyway. She's there to take your blood, end of. Your doctor is the one to discuss your thyroid health and medication with.

I'm feeling bolshy today :)


F off and do not touch me!

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Oh congratulations, when did you say you qualified as a Doctor, nurse?


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