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My friend has similar symptoms to me so I advised her to ask for a B12 check and intrinsic factor test, she had some bloods taken a couple of weeks ago and when she asked for the test today the doctor told her there was no need to test as it would show up in her other bloods as they wouldn't be right, I didn't know what to say as I wasn't sure if this was a case of the Doctor being right or wrong can any one help

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  • Sounds like hocus pocus. Tell your friend to request copies of her test results - and then she can see for herself exactly what was tested.....

  • Thanks I thought that as unless he tested her B12 which they hadn't how would he know it was within their normal range

  • Exactly.

  • There might be clues in the size of blood cells - mean cell volume (MCV) can indicate what a problem might be if it's too small or too big, and point to iron deficiency anaemia or B12 deficiency. But a B12 test would be better - and why not do it at the same time as the other tests, rather than you having to go back to the phlebotomist and give up another "whole armful"?

  • Well that's what I'd have thought but instead the doctor decided she was depressed and went down the antidepressant route

  • The B12 test isn't automatically included in a full blood count, and I think there is evidence it ought to be. I'm sorry to hear your friend's doctor ignored her request. There are labs that will do it privately, obviously this will cost her something. Why are doctors more than happy to dish out antidepressants without any proof from a blood test? Yet reluctant to look into a possible deficiency of B12. I hope your friend might consider trying a B12 supplement herself, before taking antidepressants.

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