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Hi all, I'm looking for some advice...I got my doctor to prescribe me natural thyroid np thyroid, but she has told me she's not experienced with the dosage and would like me to start with 60mg once a day 30 min before meals and check blood levels at 3-4 weeks, just like synthroid.

I have read that with natural thyroid it is supposed to be taken after meals and starting at a lower dose then increase by half every two weeks. Also I heard of people chewing the pills? And taking it twice a day not once because of the life of t3 being only 8 hours. I was thinking to cut my 60mg pill and taking it twice daily.

What do you all think? I really want this to work :(


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  • I would not take any thyroid hormone replacement with food as it could affect the uptake.

    I would also only take it when I awake with 1 glass of water. I wouldn't chew as they are made to dissolve in the stomach. I know some say they do that to break cellulose but I also know some say it tastes awful.

    60mcg (1 grain) of NDT is equal to around 75-100 mcg of levo in effect (because it containts T3.

    I've always taken mine once daily, whatever I've been on, ie. T4. T3/T4, NDT, or T3.

    I believe you can then lead a more normal life without alarms carrying pills about etc.

    Yes you can increase slightly every 2 weeks or if symptoms begin to return a bit earlier than that.

    I would take my pulse/temp before I start and then record several times a day until you reach a dose that makes you feel better andif you do feel overstimulated drop back to the previous dose.

    Good luck.

  • How do you feel taking one pill? My pulse has always been 97 or below for as far as I can remember, even on synthroid. I'm wondering with this new treatment, natural thyroid, if it will change :)

    Can you check this out and give me your opinion about what this doctor say about natural thyroid and how to take it? Is he right? This is where I got my questions from...

    Thank you for your feedback!

  • Oh, I wouldn't go to Joe for advice on hormones! His knowledge is very skimpy - sometimes rubbish! Far better to ask those that actually take the stuff.

    Taking thyroid hormone with food, will just lower the amount absorbed. What's the point of that? There are a few, very rare, people who need to take if with food to reduce certain reactions. But the vast majority of people are better taking it one hour before food, or two hours after, for maximum absorption.

    Whether or not you take it once or twice - or even more - a day, dépends on the individual. There are no rules. You have to experiment to find what's best for you. It's people like Joe Mercola, laying doing unscientific rules for everybody that causes a lot of people to stay ill. You have to find your own way of doing things to suit your body. We're all different. :)

  • Welcome to the forum,Leilany.

    As you've been taking Synthroid I don't think you'll have any problem starting on 1 grain. It's only got 9mcg T3 which is a typical starting dose when taking T3.

    NDT should be taken with water 1 hour before, or 2 hours after, food and drink. T4 and T3 bind with the proteins in food which can prevent absorption.

    It's up to you whether to split the dose or take it in one. Try it both ways and see which suits best. If you have an afternoon slump try splitting the dose and take the 2nd dose 60-90 minutes before the slump.

  • Thank you! Are you taking natural thyroid?

  • Leilany, no T4+T3 worked for me. Reluctant to fix wot ain't broke, so I've not tried NDT.

  • Yes I hear ya...if this doesn't work I will be doing that as well.

  • Leilany, you may need to give it up to 6 months. No instant fixes where thyroid and meds are concerned :(

  • Really? :( even if labs are back to normal?

  • Leilany, it can take a a couple of months to get labs optimal, don't settle for normal, and symptoms can lag a couple of months behind good labs.

  • I take 3 grains, last thing at night before i go to bed, after i have brushed my teeth.

    Doing fine!

    G x

  • I take a 2 grain pill, last thing too...

    I seem to be doing fine too (still needs fine-tuning) J :D

  • I have changed to Nature Thyroid, from Armour, I take mine 2 grain tablet first thing in the morning. Best ive felt for a long time.

  • Hi Beverlylo, Is Naturethroid still working as well as it did for you?

  • Yes it is. , I have gradually built up to 2 +3/4 tablets now, it has taken me quite a few months to find the right dose . The fillers in Nature Throid are better.

  • Hi Beverleyb - is Nature throid still working for you?

  • Welcome Leilany - I take Nature Thyroid and at 1.75 grains once in the morning an hour before breakfast with just water. It took me almost a year to become optimal. You want to be at the high end of the range not just barely at the bottom where most doctors will say that you are fine. When you get your bloods make sure they do T3 free and T4 free, not just TSH. Post your results here, with the ranges, and the people here have been wonderful in helping to understand them.

    One other thing that no one mentioned yet is that you should make sure if you take any other medicines or supplements to wait and take them at a minimum 1 hour after taking your thyroid. If the medicine or supplements have iron or calcium you need to wait 4 hours after taking Nature Thyroid. I usually take anything with calcium or iron before bed.

    Some people are able to take their Nature Thyroid at night. I found that it gives me insomnia.

    Good luck and be sure to utilize all the wonderful, informed people on this site if you have any questions.

  • Thank you! So I understand, the tsh and free t4 and t3 should all be at the high end of the normal bracket? Why is that? When I was diagnosed my tsh was a 4 then 6. And also when I was ttc I was always told my tsh has to be no more than 2.

  • Sorry if that was confusing. T3 Free and T4 Free should be at the high end of the range. Your TSH should be at the low end of the range or supressed.

  • Got it thanks!

  • I have read wonderful things about NP Thyroid. It doesn't have fillers like Armour now has. I would switch to NP Thyroid if I could. But with my experience with Thyroid meds is to wait an hour after taking your meds first thing in the morning. If you can stand the taste....chew your pill up and get it under your tongue. If not.....swallow your pill with a sip of water and catch it past your taste buds. Then your pill never touches your digestive juices and you get the full benefit. If you want to split your dose between morning and afternoon......good luck remembering your afternoon dose. My friends and I gave up because we could not remember the afternoon dose. Some people take their thyroid meds at bedtime. I tried and had a restless nights sleep. One friend swears by night time thyroid. Says she sleeps like a baby and wakes up ready to go. Don't be afraid of your new thyroid medication. 60 mgs isnt too much to start out on. Your body will tell you if you need more or less. If you are sweaty and your heart is have too much. If your nails are ridged and you are constipated.....your dose is to low. You are on a good path. Put your pill on your nightstand with some water so you can pop it in your mouth ASAP in the morning and start your hour. Then enjoy your breakfast.

  • NP Thyroid has more ingredients than WP Thyroid!

  • Thank you! Good advice...I have been constipated almost all my life lol so we will see

  • Leilany how is the NP working out for you?

  • I'm sorry I never seen this! It's working out very well! I take 1 grain still in the morning an hour before breakfast and that's it, no fancy stuff lol. I just had a baby and I'm trying to get my system back in track so I started my 1 grain again and I was fine until a few weeks ago, I get a major lag in the afternoon. And no energy during the day :( my labs were fine so I switched to taking 2 half grain pills instead of one 1 grain pull due to better absorbtion, we will see how that goes.

  • How are you making out with the NP?

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