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HELP find an edocrinologist

I am at my wits end. Have found your fantastic site and am new ar forums so any critique is welcome. Been suffering for years with low temp, depression, anxiety, low libido, tingling in arms, legs,hands, unable to control temperature, aches pains and many more,. Have been treated by drs with all the usual antidepressants, (did have osteorosis, treated by a professor), all manner of drugs and seeing brilliant therapist who recommended thyroid as she has been helped greatly. Want to see someone privately who will listen to my symptoms not just a blood test which only measures tht. If only Dr Skinner was still alive.



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Yes, Dr Skinner is greatly missed. Most of our doctors/endocrinologists toe the line of the guidelines of the BTA who dismissed Dr Skinner's invitation to all Endocrinologists to discuss the Parlous Situation of many hypothyroid patents in the UK by either not being diagnosed despite clear clinical symptoms or being undertreated by too low a dose of thyroid hormones. Every single Endo refused to attend the meeting, the last one the evening before (I believe). Dr S learned his skills (as did other doctors who trained in his era) and they made their patients well.

We can still sign up to the World Thyroid Register that Dr S began.


If you email who has a list of sympathetic doctors.

Someone who has had good treatment will also send you a private message as we don't name doctors on the forum without their express permission.


Have you actually asked your doctor to test


free t4

free t3

thyroid antibodies




vit d3

because there should be no reason any gp should refuse given all your symptoms

if they claim TSH is ok ....ask them but what if its central/2ndary hypothyroid because tsh must never be used to assess that since it will be very low or non existant


Thank you all so much. Amazing response. I will email to the address given and hope that is a start to my missing link. It always makes me sad that so many ladies and men suffer through ignorance of others. I had to pay to see my professor of gyno to find out that I had osteoporosis and it wasn't all in !y head

Thanks again

Bluebells 68


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