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At the present time I have been having urine infections which do not clear up even after being given antibiotics which are shown to be suitable to kill off the bacteria after the sample has been sent to the lab. I have had infections for well over a year and I have been treated constantly since May. I have now been referred to see the urologist but I have read online that an under active thyroid can cause urine infections. I hope this isn't a silly question and I am hoping that there is someone with the knowledge who could tell me if my levels are not correct, could my thyroid be causing this problem. I am up at night every two hours needing to use the toilet and I must say it is really getting to me. I have also been experiencing a very dry mouth at night too. My urine sample shows I have an infection as the white blood cells are raised but it does not show any glucose so diabetes has been dis regarded at the present time.

I am not great at understanding the varying levels and what I should be looking for. I do not know my results I am guided by my GP. If there is someone with the knowledge who could help me with this question, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you


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  • I went through a period of having frequent UTI's but don't know if this was caused by underactive thyroid. I found that as soon as I started getting abdominal pain, if I drank lots of water, that helped. I kept up this increased intake of fluids whilst I was taking antibiotics. I also took cranberry tablets which are known to help cleanse the bladder. You can also drink cranberry juice but I don't like this. Barley water also helps to make the urine less acidic so makes it less sore to pass urine. Hope you can get sorted soon. Clemmie

  • Thank you Clemmie, I have tried the cranberry tablets and juice but it hasn't helped yet. Also drinking water as opposed to any thing else.

  • You need to get your latest thyroid results from your GP. If only TSH has been done, ask for a new blood test for free T3 and free T4. This will show whether you are not properly medicated. Post here with reference ranges for advice.

    My guess is that you are underactive, as the same thing happened to me. Perhaps you also are low in iron. Ferritin, B12, folate and Vit D. It is important for all these to be high in range to feel well and for your body to be able to resist infections. Ask for these to be done as well and post results here again. Hope you find the reason soon. It is a horrible problem.

  • Thank you Hennerton, I will make an appointment and go and have a chat with her. I will print off your advice to help me. Will let you know how I get on.

  • I can sympathise with you, I have the same problem and now the antibiotics are becoming resistant. I have had hospital tests for bladder and kidney problems which were all clear. No one can explain why I have this constant problem. I hope you can find a reason for yours, let us know how it goes

  • Hi Wednesday, I will let you know how I get on.

  • Hi,

    I am currently having hormone level and other blood tests.

    In the last few months I have been suffering with same as you. Antibiotics before. Its horrid.

    I know its infection as I am getting pains & tingling in kidney area. Just done yet another urine sample. Grrrr!


  • Hi jellynpain, I hope your infections gets sorted too, it has made me pretty miserable. It isn't so bad during the day but my nights are so disturbed with constant trips to the toilet. I seem to have an awful taste in my mouth all the time too.

  • I had a spell of frequent UTIs had all the usual tests and treatment and tried a myriad of alternative natural treatment and nothing worked. It eventually dawned on me it was thyroid related and I had a few other symptoms that crept up on me - fluid retention with puffy feet and hands, tiredness etc. I increased my thyroxine just by 25mcg and within a few days what had been months of constant UTI problems disappeared and haven't returned. I was not taking any other treatment. I'm 100% convinced all my urinary problems were caused by being under medicated.

  • Thank you editfmrt, I really hope that it is as simple as an increase in thyroxine. I am just waiting for my doctor's response to my email.

  • HI It will not be thyroid but may be kidneys. You need blood tests for kidney function,U`s and E`s and an ultra sound of kidneys. Sometimes low grade infections need longish term antibiotics.


  • Thank you Jackie, I have had an ultra sound and the kidneys are ok, except I do have a kidney stone which will not pass on its own.

  • Hi again,

    After visit to gp he has taken another urine sample and said he will talk to a urologist for advice.

    I am getting kidney area discomfort and strong tingling & bowel problems, but it seems uti's are a loop involving all three (told).

    Dr did say that antibiotics, as I have had, do usually clear the problem, rarely not.

    Mine is prevalent at nightmare (up at silly o'clock with) & am. I have had issues with feeling of bladder not emptying/no power when I wee so maybe urine not emptying.

    I have no idea if this is hormone related, could be autoimmune related I guess (that's me).


  • There are also some theories around repeated UTIS being really an embedded infection which never really clears as the bacteria firm a resistant biofilm. GPS don't know how to treat as they only use short courses of abx which doesn't clear it. There are a couple of doctors treating ( one NHS ) that I know of in UK. one is private. PM me if you would like details.

    It's important to heal gut and clean up diet and eat low starch as well as avoid the obvious triggers like alcohol, swimming , sometimes sex for a while. There is plenty that can be done so don't despair.

    There seems to be a link with hypothyroid as I ve read aboit this lots of times. I am also struggling with these sorts of issues but have started new treatment with doctor who thinks I have had chronic long term infection for six years Andes hopeful he can help me. I have UT and haven't yet been able to get this satisfactorily treated so that's possibly adding to the problems.

    Good luck.

    Ps cudnt seem to go back and edit but also avoiding sugars and drinking bottled water can be helpful. A supplement called D Mannose can help lots of people with ecoli infections.

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