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Hi please can someone offer me some advice as I am confused . Several months ago I discovered I was low in vitamin ad was so tired weak and dizzy so I started taking my vitamin D over this last three months I am gradually improving still exhausted and zero energy but able to work four days . I also discovered that I was taking my thyroid wrong so I changed to taking it at nite from 11th November . Someone on this site very kindly told me that 50mg of thyroxine was not enough so I increased it to 60.5mg which helped for a while but now so exhausted again .

These are my TSH they have gone down in shocked .

Nov TSH was 0.98 range 0.27-4.2

Today result TSH 0.33 range 0.98-4.2

Please could someone tell me do I need to increase to 75 mg !!

Thanks so much in advance much appreciated .

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This should say TSH Results


Angie, TSH 0.98 and 0.33 is comfortable for most people but perhaps not for you as you are still symptomatic. See how you feel on 75mcg, the small increase may be what you need.

You should also ask for ferritin, B12 and folate to be tested. They're often deficient/low in hypothyroid patients and low iron in particular can cause fatigue.

It's perfectly OK to take Levothyroxine at night if you prefer it as long as it is 2 hours after you last had food or drink.


Thanks Clutter ,

You were so right about me being deficient in Vitamin D as I have started to feel better since taking it and increasing thyroxine but now just so exhausted and weak again dizzy standing and can't stand for long but ok sitting until I feel feint . I got my job back so don't want to lose it for good as I win the appeal in vitamin d being misdiagnosed . My doctor won't test ferritin as don't think in ever had that tested . If I start having palpitations after taking 75mg then I will know it's too much as that's what happened last time . It's a good sign tho that TSH is reduced isn't as think that means T4 converting to T3 well . Thanks so much for all your advice I really appreciate it .

Hope you are well :)


Angie, TSH being low doesn't mean good T4 conversion. You need a FT4 and FT3 test to determine how well you are converting.

If you have palpitations on raising dose try 62.5mcg and 75mcg on alternate days for a couple of weeks before raising to 75mcg daily.

I'm glad vitD is helping and that you won your appeal to keep your job :)


Hi Clutter ,

Thanks yes was very lucky to get my job back so I really want to keep it .

My go won't test T4 or T3 unless she thinks there's something wrong . I got vitamin d tested again and only if it's not working will I get to see my endocrinologist my go said . I took the 75mg last nite and no bad effects so going to try it tonite again as usually I'm very dopey and have heart palpitations . I got Perrin phos from pharmacist today he said there was ferritin in it so hopefully that will help.

Thank you so much for your advice I so appreciate it :)


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