Can someone help me read my thyroid results please?

Can someone help me read my thyroid results please?

Just got these thyroid results back can someone help me please if it isnt too much bother as i dont know what it means. Currently on b12 injections every other day but am losing aloooot of hair and other my thyroid low?

Is it better to have a low or high result? This is where i am struggling to read these results.

I have already had TSH and FT4 done and they back 'in range' according to doc.

My result was:

FT4: 15.7 (Range 12.22)

TSH: 1.44 (range 0.3 -4.2)

Thank you so much in advance

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  • Marz Hi Marz, i got my Thyroid results back... hopefully someone can shed some light on them. Just thought id share with you and if you had any idea about how to read the results? Hope youre well :)

  • Hi - am away at the moment and everything too small on my phone 😊 I would make sure you have Folate - Ferritin - VitD tested as I am suspecting they too will be low. As greygoose mentions you need a FT3 result for the full story. Good nutrients may well improve things 😊

  • Thanks Marz ☺☺

  • The only results I can see are that are the tests for thyroid antibodies and they're both well within the range so there's no indication on a standalone basis of autoimmune thyroiditis or similar. Did you have any other thyroid results?

  • Thank you for replying..... so they are in range? So my thyroid is probably ok?

  • You don't give any other thyroid results so I've no idea - it's just that those numbers are for antibodies and they're both well within range.

    If you have any thyroid results in addition to those, maybe post them over on Thyroid UK board and see what members there make of them?

  • Sorry i was just looking for my other results as they were taken a few months ago:

    My result was:

    15.7 (Range 12.22)

    1.44 (range 0.3 -4.2)

    TSH was one of these tests.... ill have to ask my mum when she gets back what the other one was called as i cant remeber but she will

    oh sorry is this not the Thyroid UK board? maybe i posted on the wrong one

  • This is thyroid uk, yes.

    I would imagine that those tests, judging by the ranges, are TSH and FT4 - that's what is usually tested.

    The FT4 could be a little on the low side, but the TSH is ok for someone not on thyroid hormone replacement.

    But, you haven't got the whole story, there. You're missing the FT3, and that would be the clue to the puzzle. If your doctor won't do it, you could have it done privately.

  • Yes sorry youre right my mistake

    FT4: 15.7

    TSH: 1.44

    ... crap i just went private for the results i posted up, my GP wont do any of the thyroid tests for me because my TSH and FT4 are in range. We thought that the antibodies would indicate hypothyroidism. oh dear

  • No, the antibodies indicate that you probably don't have Hashi's. But other things can make you hypo. Damage to the gland during an accident, endocrine disrupters, damage to the pituitary/pituitary tumour - but I don't think it's that one because the FT4 isn't that low. However, if the FT3 is very low, then you would have a conversion problem, rather than a thyroid problem. It happens. But, you won't find out unless you test.

    On the other hand, you have low B12 - have you been tested for Pernicious Anemia? And, low B12 does cause hypo-like symptoms. Although I'm not sure about the hair. Have you had your ferritin tested, too? Low iron will make your hair fall out.

    Are you taking a B complex with your B12 injections? If not, you really should. Because the Bs all work together and need to be kept balanced. And a B complex will contain biotin, and the biotin could help with hair loss.

  • Thank you greygoose for such a detailed reply....its very helpful.

    Ill have to think about getting the FT3 tested somehow...the private doctor who tested me is 3 hours away so ill have to see what i can do as there are no closer (Live in Northern Ireland so everything is very rural) . Um i have an appointment next week to get my pituitary gland tested so maybe that will shed some light.

    Well i was tested for B12 deficiency and was told to go on injections....but my doctor says i dont have pernicious anemia as my b12 levels are on that forum aswell and know about the problems getting a proper diagnosis. So i dont know as of yet if i have pernicious anemia but have a private appointment with a specialist next week aswell to see about that as my GP basically said there was nothing more she could do for me.

    I am self injecting b12 every other day, i take Ferretin Sulphate, Folic, B complex, magnesium and Vit D.

  • You should add vit K2 in with that. Taking vit D3 increases absorption of calcium from food, and the K2 makes sure it goes into the bones and teeth, and not the soft tissues.

    If you look at the Private testing section, on Thyroid UK main page, you will find you can do the FT4/3 with a finger pick test, at home. :)

  • Brilliant I will invest in that test and supplements. Thank you so much for your help ☺

  • You're welcome. :)

  • greygoose Sorry i just had another question, dont know if its silly but You know with the antibodies... what is a normal result? Should a normal result show 0 Antibodies ? or is mine normal? Sorry somone just told my mum that i am showing 16 antibodies so i could still have this correct? Thank you in advance


  • Tricky question.

    Firstly, everybody has some antibodies, that's why they have a range. You will never get a zero reading, I don't think.

    Secondly, in a way your mum's friend is right, but not for the reason she thinks she's right. It's not because you have a reading of 16 that you might still have Hashi's, but because antibodies fluctuate. So, whilst they're only 16 this week, they could be 216 next week, which would be positive on most ranges.

    Also, some Hashi's people never develop high antibodies, and are only diagnosed by ultrasound. But, that would only be after they've done a bit of visible damage.

    So, you can never be 100% sure that you don't have it. :)

  • Stop your B complex 2-3 days before any future blood tests for thyroid or B12 levels as biotin in vitamin B complex can falsely affect test results

  • Hi there .... oh I already knew that but thank you ☺ I stopped all my supplements about 5 days before my tests

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