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Posting my results

Had to make a formal request in writing to get my blood test print-out!Finally posting them.

Just to recap.After telling my new GP about my long-standing chronic fatigue(didn't go into other symptoms) asked if I could have a FT3 test to see if I had a conversion issue.As a result of my 1st blood tests in Cumbria with my new GP,she liased with endo & they have prescribed T3 for me in 20mcg tabs.

No further support or info from GP or endo,no appointment with endo.

Advice please as to how to proceed.Feel very alone and anxious.Thank goodness for Thyroid UK!

serum TSH level 1.66 mU/L (0.05-6,00)

serum free T4 level 12.8 pmol/L (8.0-18.0)

serum free T3 level 4.6 pmol/L (3.8-6.0)

Vit D3 25-OH 70.3 nmo1/L ^50.0

serum vit B12 827 ng/L ^140

serum folate ^20 ug/L ^4.0

serum iron 12 umo1/L (5-30)

serum ferritin 33 ug/L (11-200)

serum TIBC 59 umo1/L (28-54)

serum magnesium level 0.86 (0.70-1.00)

There are other results-lipids etc

All help & suggestions very gratefully received-

any other info that would help you guide me-please ask

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Naomi, It's amazing you've been prescribed T3 but appalling you haven't been directed how to take it. Get a pillcutter from your chemist because you should start with 10mcg to see how you tolerate it. T4 is normally reduced when adding T3 but your TSH is a tad high so I think you can just add 10mcg T3. You can take it with your Levothyroxine. If you feel overstimulated halve the 10mcg and take it in two doses 6/12 hours apart. If you feel you need to increase the dose to 20mcg in a few weeks reduce your Levothyroxine by 25mcg or your FT3 will go over range (just to warn you my hair started falling out and nails splitting when my FT3 was over range).

You can *feel* T3 after you take a dose but it takes 36/72 hours to enter your cells and start working and a few weeks to metabolise and work on your symptoms. Brain fog and clarity of thought were the first improvements I felt within a few days.

VitD3 is just short of optimal. 1,000iu vitD3 softgel caps or spray would be good until end of April.

B12 & folate are lovely.

Ferritin is low but I hesitate to suggest supplementing because TIBC is above range and I don't know what that means.

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TIBC is high when there is iron deficicency. She needs to take iron.

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I take Healthspan's stomach-friendly iron bisglycinate-providing 14mg iron a day.Will increase this.Thanks


Thank you so much for your prompt helpful reply.The only advice I got was to reduce my thyroxine.The scrip is for one 20mcg T3 once a day,increasing to twice a day if needed.

I never had any intention of being guided by the GP & endo,as they obviously have no experience of T3.I knew I needed Thyroid UK's support!

I am just glad to be given the opportunity to try T3,so am keeping my head down!

I am reading such a range of response to adding T3 on here,its quite scary.Hope I am one of those who have a good response.

I do seem to be hypersensitive to medication but don't feel I can stick my neck out to ask for a special scrip for 5mg T3 to start,so I hope will be OK on starting on 10mcg


Naomi, 10mcg T3 isn't likely to cause you problems but cut down the tablet to 5mcg x 2 daily for a few days if you're nervous. I started on 20mcg x 3 daily and had no problems until I was switched to T4.


thanks,that's helpful


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