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Underactive thyroid?

Hi, I have been feeling ill now for years, ie not sleeping very well, pain throughout the body, each day the pain is in a different part of my body, plantar fascilitis, dry skin etc etc. In 2014, I kept going back to my GP's (different one everytime) I eventually had a blood test in Nov 2014, results as follows,

TSH 6.6 normal range 0.40-4.90

Free T4 12.1 normal range 9.00-19.00

I was told there was not a problem and sent on my way. After still feeling ill, I saw a different Dr in December 2014, she referred me to a Rheumatologist who diagnosed Fibromyalgia. I am now on Pregabalin and have been since early January 2015.

I recently had a blood test and got the results back yesterday, which are as follows

TSH 5.0 normal range 0.40-4.90

Free T4 11.5 normal range 9.00-19.00

Free T3 4.3 normal range 2.60-5.70

Thyroid Antibody 755 normal range 0.00 - 6.00

I think the Pregabalin has reduced the TSH level, and this seems to be confirmed by what I have read on the internet. However, the result for my antibodies is well over the reference range.

I saw a Dr yesterday for a different thing and asked about my recent results. I was told there was no cause for concern. I still feel ill, I think the Pregabalin has reduced the TSH and T4 levels, thus providing potentially "false" readings, which I think could be higher if I was not on Pregabalin for Fibro.

I think, based on my antibodies result, I should be on medication for an underactive thyroid. Does anyone out there have a view on this. I am due to go back to the Drs on 17th, thankfully, I have an apt with the Dr who referred me to the Rheumatologist and prescribed the Pregabalin.

Any help or advice anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.

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As you have Hashimotos - Auto-immune Thyroiditis - it may well be the cause of your pain. It is usual for your to receive treatment for the Thyroid. When I was diagnosed with in range Thyroid Function Tests I had very HIGH anti-bodies. The GP prescribed T4 to support the thyroid whilst under attack - her words not mine !

Your FT3 is good considering your FT4 is not brilliant. However your TSH is raised and does indicate Hypothyroidism. I do not know about the pill you are taking for the Fibro altering levels.

Have you had all the basics tested - B12 - Iron - Ferritin - Folate - VitD. All need to be OPTIMAL with Ferritin around 80/90 ...

They are all so important and to my non-medical mind are the building blocks of our health. By the way I was diagnosed with Fibro 15 years ago - Hashimotos almost 10 - now I am optimally treated I do not have the pain I suffered before.

There is a great deal written about Hashimotos - do you have gut issues ? Sensitivites ?

The above video is about 90 mins long - but you will not regret the time - so GOOD !

The above Doc wrote The Cholesterol Con. He also has a website where you can read his blogs. I posted very recently about Statins and Women - did you read it ? The general feeling on this forum is that statins are not good - did your GP suggest COQ10 with the Statin ? As statins compromise production of this vital enzyme that energises the cells :-( The brain is over 25% cholesterol. Cholesterol is produced in the body for a reason. Cholesterol is part of the healing process in the arteries. LDL cannot be bad cholesterol - as LDL is a Lipo-protein that is a transporter of cholesterol within the body....

Sorry information overload....there is a lot to say about your symptoms. Your GP seems keen to treat the symptoms rather than seek out the underlying cause.


Thank you for your reply, I will certainly look at all the links you have sent, Thank you.

Until Dec 2014, all of the GPs I have seen have dismissed what I have been saying. The one that is trying to help is only there until Aug, so I need to get things rolling before then.

No, I have not had all the basics tested, its been a job just to get the tests to TFT, T3, T4 and more recently the antibodies. I'm going to read as much as possible before my next GP apt so I can go armed with information.



I would say you have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease and it's called hashimoto's. This means at times your thyroid gland pumps out excess hormones and doesn't at others,

You should be treated with thyroid antibodies present. The fact that your TSH 6.6 and then 5 and you also have clinical symptoms but unfortunately you will now be aware that doctors aren't usually the best to diagnose us, which should be by your clinical symptoms as well as blood tests and you definitely have clinical symptoms.. You will have realised by now the doctor's rarely have a clue about the function of the thyroid gland. The guidelines aren't better either as they suggest waiting till it reaches 10.

Email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr Toft. He was President of the British Thyroid Association. He says in it that if we have antibodies we should have levo 'to nip things in the bud'. Highlight this part and send to your GP before your appointment so that he can prescribe for you.

Take levo first thing with a glass of water and wait about an hour before eating. Taking Vitamin C with it helps convert it to T3 which is the active hormone we need in all our cells. Also ask for a vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate to be done as we are usually deficient.

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Thank you very much for your reply, I will email Louise for the article by Dr Toft. Fingers crossed that the GP I am due to see will prescribe for me. She is only at the Practice until Aug and so far is the only one that has helped. The others have just dismissed what I have been saying and have made me feel that I am wasting their time.

Many thanks

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