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Hi all met the nicest most understanding specalist today. Boy does she know about thyroid. Looks like I'll be going down T3 /t4 combo route again but this time very slowly. Won't be starting yet as she thinks I've adrenaline issues. Having cortisol tested wed morn first thing and also booked for synatchen test next Monday. She's so clued up I was speechless. Delighted I'm supplementing said it was disgraceful the way I was treated by my local hospital endo. Told me I will get better it might take a little time but it will happen. I had everything ready for her was waiting to be told it was all in my mind or that my bloods weren't too bad but she agreed with everything I said. Clutter she also told me what you've always said to me that my ferritin was very high and she's doing bloods to see whats happening. She thinks my adrenalines could be an issue due to all the steroids I was on during my chemo and when my colitis was bad. It's awful that we have to pay to get better but it will be worth every penny if she gets me sorted. I'll email Louise with her name for anyone here in Ireland. Thanks everyone for all your help. Hopefully this is the beginning of my journey back to full health. Maud's

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  • I think I have to move to Ireland....... :)

    Its heartwarming to know they are out there Mauds

  • Yay! I'm so pleased for you xx

  • Hi Mauds, so pleased that you have found a good Endo and nice to know that there are some around. Hopefully the tide is turning in our favour. After all what's the point of being a doctor if you don't do your best for your patients.

  • She definately knows about thyroid. I was so delighted to hear her tell me that my old endo made a huge mistake last April by over medicating me when I was in a hyper stage with Hashis. I'm a bit nervous starting T3 again but listening to her today and what I've learned from everyone on this site I will give it a go again but nice and slow. Hopefully this is the turning point thanks to all you.

  • Wow, she sound's brilliant.

    Does she fancy a stint over to south east England....I wish x

  • That's marvellous, Mauds. Sounds like she will be looking after you and getting you well. I'm glad you're passing on her details to TUK. I don't think there are may recommended endos in Ireland from posts I've seen.

  • Hopefully I haven't got my hopes up but dealing with her today I feel a lot better knowing she understands thyroid. Fingers crossed clutter she's what I need

  • Mauds, When you have confidence and trust in your doctor I think it helps with recovery. If you feel belittled and dismissed it's hard to communicate what you are feeling so things get missed. Your previous endo's suggestion that things were in your head just show what a lousy doctor he is.

  • Thanks Clutter

  • hi great that youve found a nice specialist but isnt it sad that we have to end up paying( i have also just started paying into a private scheme) rather then the NHS giving us the same.

  • It is sad that we have to pay especially when we pay so much taxes. Hopefully she will be worth every penny

  • i work as a nurse in a large hospital but when i became hypothyroid i found the gp i was seeing at the time very disrespectful. so iam now in a private scheme.

  • The endo at my local hospital was so rude I had to get away from him

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