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Happy Endo

I am feeling so much more positive and actually that I'm not going crazy.

I saw my Endo today who said she's not remotely surprised I've not felt any better over the last 8 weeks, nothing's really changed with my blood results from my last dosage increase. She's put up up to 175mg of levo, she's told me that I will then go on to 200mg, after that she changes treatment and will put me on T4 and T3 meds.

She sat and explained to my already very understanding husband that my anger and libido and fatigue are all wrapped up in this. She told us she thinks as soon as I'm medicated correctly I will loose the weight (I've gained another 8lb) since I last saw her.

She gave me a big hug good buy and told me to have courage and I'm going to try.

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She sounds like a keeper, good endo's are like hens teeth, so happy for you she actually sounds like she knows what she's talking about.

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Yeah gosh me too. She's very severe and very French and always kinda tells me off thro the consultation but today I feel like she's pulled it out the bag and I feel SO much happier and calmer about it all. There is light and the end of the tunnel 😊


Who is she , where is she, I'm packing my bag 😁


She is in Annecy in France :)

I am sure she would welcome you!


That's it, I need a motor home , can't sit more than twenty minutes, on a good day, before pain to high and must lie down 'sigh' Any one got one they don't want? Don't care how old it is so long as its got a loo for my IB and bed for my broken body ;) lol


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