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New endo

Was back today with new endo for synatchen test. I had bloods done that she wanted before I went back so going on those she cancelled the test as the bloods proved I was producing cortisol. She put me on Desunin I've to take one three times day for two weeks then one twice a day for two weeks and then one a day for 3 months. She wants my T4 on the high side and my TSH between 1 and 2. She definately listens and I'm back in 8 weeks. If I haven't improved by then I'll be going on the combo. I'm so glad I finally found someone who listens and she really seems clued in about thyroid. Has anyone taken these tabs if so how long do I leave it from my eltroxin. I take my eltroxin around 6 a.m. My T3 is rising gone from just over 3 to well over 4. She thinks going gluten free and taking all the supplements you all told me about is working and my gut is absorbing things better. Thanks everyone for your help and advise.

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I would leave 4 hours between Eltroxin and additional medication. Some might leave 2 but just in case there is an interaction, I would leave 4.

It's good you have a seemingly capable Endocrinologist and wish you success.

I do hope she checks your FreeT3 level as well as the T4.


She does check the T3 shaws and is happy it's increasing. She wants my T4 around 20 and TSH low plus the T3 at high end that's why I'm waiting 8 weeks for new bloods and then we will see about combo. She's the one who found I was low on Vit D so she wants to see how things go with the vit D tab. I'll leave it at least four hours Shaws before I take it. Thanks for reply.


That's good re T3. If you didn't get the name from Louise's list, I would pass it onto


Just passed it to her Shaws. I wanted to wait until second visit before I recommended her. I really do feel she understands. It was her who said today that unless mt T4 was in the high end TSH low and T3 high I'd never feel better. That's something you've always said and I was delighted to hear her say it today without me asking her.

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This is really good news Mauds


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