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Hi all i am just back from seeing a private endo, i can tell you i have never met such a lovely caring lady like her, firstly i had a panic attack and was so weak and shaky i ended up in a wheelchair i had to do this or i know i would not have even got anywhere near her office, she went through all my symptoms asked about my past etc, she explained everything to me and gave me a long list of blood tests i need doing, then i started to feel faint again as i had not eaten since 8am, next i know there is a nurse in the room bringing me tea and biscuit as the endo knew straight away that i needed something sweet she said i have to cut out wheat etc and try the GI diet, also she said that i need some T3 added to my T4 to see if this helps me i cannot explain how happy i am to find someone who sits, listens and explains what is possibly going on with my health, she will be writing to my gp this week explaining everything to her, so now i can start looking forward to regaining most of my health back.

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Excellent! I'm so pleased for you. It is a shame though that as a country we were envied globally for our education and National Health Service; and now thanks to less compassionate individuals, national economics,, dogma and 'tradition' and the occasional narcissistic medical and or government employee that you could only get this level of support through the private sector.

I feel so fortunate to have the help that I have though maybe it's just the trusting non-rebellious Asperger traits and lack of technical knowledge of the requirements of my hypothyroidism and I am being too accepting? I get so confused because the 'symptoms' are widespread through many of my 'conditions' and the only one identified early though treated late was the thyroid problem.

Your post is inspiring and a reminder that we just have to find the medical individual who has a genuine passion for the disorder and/or a genuine compassion for human beings as individuals to be helped to a liveable level of health and well being.

Thank you x

I'm desperately looking for an endo at the moment and prepared to pay if necessary, but I need to find someone within a couple of hours travel of Birmingham. Can you tell us where this lady practises?


Hi I will send you a PM. Names, not allowed on open site.

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Is this your endo J\ckie? Just if not would be useful to add to Louise's list, but I think it is from the sound of things. Thanks.

Hi At the moment for complicated reasons, she has an appointment for head Endo at a group of hospitals but she is presently working as an Emergency consultant, lucky patients.!

She is therefore , at present only working as general Endo, privately, although test ,etc can be done through GP, so cost only consultations. A lot of people do not realise that, I did give details to Louise, but only ( I think) given out if some one specifically asks for a Private Endo.When I notice some one asks, I give them a whole lot of Info which I keep. So many TUK are now seeing her, all desperate, like we all were!

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Thanks to everyone who has messaged me about this endo. I had heard very good reports of her, but unfortunately she is not going to be the right person for me.


Hi kimbo

I messaged you asking re. this particular lady Endo..It's nice to be able to read positive things about "Endo"!! Hope you didn't mind me PM you.................(?)

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oooh great, so refreshing to hear this. Good luck with it. xx can you leave details of this fabulous endo... :) Sxx

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