Can anyone recommended another source of NDT other than armour

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, I have been seeing a GP in London as my symptoms have not really improved other than the brain fog has gone, from stop taking thyroxin. I asked for another prescription for armour is horrific and in short supply in the uk.

Can any one recommended the next best thing to armour, someone has recommended nature-thyroid from <> ?

Thank you in advance

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  • Most of the available desiccated thyroid products are described here:

    The price of Armour is much higher than for most of the others. The RLC products Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid are well-thought of.

  • Thank you helvella, sorry for the wrong wording on my post

  • Happens often! :-)

  • I had to change from Armour to Erfa due to supply problems. I haven't noticed any difference and am feeling very well on it :)

  • Thank you clarebear x

  • I heard Thyroid by Erfa..called Erfa was good, it has very little fillers. Some people can't tolerate ndt with made me very ill.

  • Thank you faith63 x

  • Hi I swopped to nature thiroid as very similar and cheaper, same dose. I get it OK from my usual English chemist.


  • So has the price of Armour gone up more generally? I know that in Belgium, it has practically doubled in recent months...I need to pay around 1500 GBP a year for it, or close to 2000€...I did not know if that was just in Belgium...

  • I should add that some Belgian pharmacies offer Erfa in 500 count bottles, whereas Armour is only available in 100 ct Erfa can be more cost-effective, provided both work the same for you...

  • Hi Amanda, did I pm you about this?

  • Am not sure I'll check, I don't think so, I think we have been talking about GC

  • I have seen a message from you regarding this but I can't get on to it 😳

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