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I need Armour without Prescription for UK delivery. Can anyone help?

Does anyone know where I can order Armour without a prescription? I live the in the UK, presumable i'll have to get it delivered here from abroad. All the posts asking about this seemed to be resolved in direct messages, so the info is not readily available/is hidden (for obvious reasons). I'd be looking to get a quarter grain to start to with. Please direct message me the information and please no advice on why i might not need it etc, just info on how to obtain it is needed.

Many thanks

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Welcome to the forum, Supertired01.

Members are more inclined to share sources with new members who include some background about their illness such as how long they’ve been diagnosed, recent thyroid results and ranges, and current thyroid medication.


Hi Clutter,

Sure, you're probably right.

So I'm fairly sure I have central-hypothyroid, my T4 and T3 scores are in the lower quarter of the normal range. I was diagnosed with CFS/ME 2 years ago and have been suffering with it for twice as long, coming up to 5 years now. I responded initially well to adrenavive (bovine adrenal cortex), but developed severe stomach cramps when eating just over a month into a course of taking them and had to stop. I've tried all the vitamins and minerals under the sun, have been an extremely strict diet for 3 years (only meat, fish, green vegetables and nuts - any sugar/carb content above 6g/10g per 100g makes me very ill.). I've been advised by people on the Tpauk forum to source Armour, since it is likely i'm not converting T4 to T3 properly (I have tried Metavive and it increases my already excessive need to urinate- 4 times per night now, as opposed to 2/3 times - i'm 35 years old). I'm at the point where I am trying medicines rather than shelling out on another bank of tests that yield ambiguous results.

I hope someone may be able to advise me on a a good place to source Armour.

Many thanks in advance.



Was TSH low when T4 and T3 were low? What are your recent thyroid results?


These are the last tests I had done

serum free T3 3.9 pmo/L 3.25 - 6.21 pmo/L

serum free T4 13.2 pmo/L 9.00 - 19 pmo/L

TSH 1.11 mu/L 0.30 - 5.00 mu/L



TSH is low-normal, FT4 is just under halfway through range and FT3 is low in range but results are euthyroid (normal) and don't indicate primary or secondary hypothyroidism.


Central-hypothyroid is what I have been told I may have by a member on here and by many people on Tpauk


Ahh central-hypo is the same of secondary. Sorry. Still, your the only person who think my T3 scores aren't too low.


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