Armour not being exported to the UK

Hi All,

I was given a private prescription from my Endo for Armour, My chemist tried to use their manufacturer who said that they where having trouble getting it but worked out at approx £180 for 100 tabs. I have just phoned a recommended pharmaceutical company (that have some armour but not the dose I need) they said they cannot get hold of armour as company in america is not exporting to the UK and that this could be a problem for patients in the UK.

Can anybody shed any light on this please?


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  • I can't but can only urge people to sign and share this petition widely, we need some action.


  • I have signed the petition thanks MaryFx

  • Please if possible send it on to friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours etc. Only people power will bring about change. MaryFx

  • will do!

  • I have just this minute telephoned the company that sends to me and he tells me there is no problem. If you would like their name please pm me.

  • I can't tell if anything has changed more recently but Forest stopped exporting to Europe quite a few years ago.

    The usual way for pharmacies to get hold of Armour has been to contact Idis, a specialist medicines importer. Even then, I think that Idis get theirs from a USA distributor rather than directly from Forest. Lots of pharmacies seem not to know about this but some do already deal with Idis.

    Idis will not deal with anyone other than proper pharmacies.

    Do let us know what happens.


  • Thanks Rod,I am tied up with work until wednesday and I will do some phoning around. :)

  • Rod....I had no problems buying Armour from USA (Forest) in May ....took 14 days.

  • The point is that Forest themselves as a company do not export to Europe - but there are distributors/pharmacies who will post it to you.

  • Thanks for that.....point taken.

    We're you aware that Actavis are involved in a multi million dollar take over bid for Forest pharmaceuticals?

    I came across it when I went on line and made an order for Armour Thyroid.

  • Yes - been aware since reading this post by helvella:

    :-) :-) :-)


  • Try pharmarama. A year ago it was 35 quid for 100 tabs inc courier

  • That is who I tried:(

  • Forest (the manufacturer of Armour thyroid) have not been supplying to Europe/UK for a long time - see news item back in 2011 on main website 'Forest Stop Shipping Armour to Europe'

    As I understand it, UK pharmacies usually buy through a US supplier rather than directly from the manufacturer. Here is a list of pharmacies that you can contact to find out if they have the dose you require

    However, if your local pharmacy has an account with an importer such as IDIS, they should be able to obtain the medication for you. If your prescription is a private one, ask around to see who will supply at the most sensible price!

  • Thanks RedApple I will do some phoneing around on commitments! Hopefully I will have better luck ;)

  • I was told the same from pharmarama a few weeks ago :(

  • Hi All,

    Just a little update,I have managed to get Armour! Thank goodness for this site and all you lovely people who are so kind to help and share information.

    "Thank You" to everybody who Pm'd me and replied to my post.I will post an update when I have started my new meds. Once again "Thank You" :)



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