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Which UK pharmacy can fulfil an NHS Armour prescription without requiring an extra letter?



I have an NHS prescription for Armour and need to fill it at an online/send by mail pharmacy in the UK. I only have the prescription (it doesn't say anything extra on it like "treatment for hypothyroidism") and I don't have any extra letter from the doctor (and can't get one either).

Can anyone recommend me a pharmacist to use? The local (big chain that sounds like footwear!) pharmacy that could provide armour requires me to get a yearly letter from a GP to say why it is being prescribed and for reasons I can't go into - I can't get a letter.

Thanks in advance for any pharmacy suggestions.

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why can't you get a letter from your GP? It will cost about £20 but then you do not have the hassle for another 12 months.

You could also ask at other pharmacies if they provide Armour and if there is any additional protocol other than requiring the prescription?

You are one of the lucky ones, not only do you have a prescription for Armour but it's an NHS one. I'm sure you will be inundated with messages asking where you got it from.

Good luck

Juliet in reply to Starfish123

I don't have a cooperative GP any more (they left) - my prescription is on repeat and it is only by not going in that I continue to get the medicine I need. The less contact I have - the longer I will keep my medicine.

Starfish123 in reply to Juliet

Hi Juliet,

You don't need to see the dr, just ask at reception for a letter stating you are on Armour and what ever the wording is you need. They usually address to whom it may concern. They are usually quite happy to write letters so long as you pay. I hope you get this sorted.

Kind regards


Juliet in reply to Starfish123

Hi thanks - but it doesn't work like that in my surgery - the receptionists pass every minor admin issue over to the doctors so they would be involved.

I believe there are some pharmacies who don't require one - I just need to know which pharmacies can supply NHS-prescribed armour without a letter.


Juliet, There are some pharmacies listed on the Thyroid UK website that you could call and ask. The first one actually says 'They may not need a letter of clinical need but check with them first.' Heres the link thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/treatm...

I have never been asked for such a letter and have used at least five different UK pharmacies including two large chains and two local independents.

I get mine by post from one on the list because they have a continuous supply whereas others can be patchy from time to time but it's not an online pharmacy as such.

Juliet in reply to claudiasmum

Is there any way you could PM me which one that is?

claudiasmum in reply to Juliet

Done, hope it helps.

I always got mine from Springfield pharmacy, Richmond upon Thames - very helpful and they posted the same day as the prescription was received. Mine was a private prescription but I'm sure they do NHS. Worth a phone call..


Juliet in reply to Treepie

Thanks - I emailed them but they never seem to reply.

claudiasmum in reply to Treepie

I used them a couple of times but then got fed up of ordering online only to be told later that it was out of stock.

Juliet in reply to claudiasmum

Thanks - I have used them in the past but I stopped some years ago because they said they couldn't get Armour (might have been during one of the shortages).

Maybe I'll call them directly - might be easier than waiting for an email!

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