Does anybody know of a compound pharmacy that makes up Armour (NDT) without a prescription please?

I have a corn in medication allergy and because I have tried all available sorts of levothyroxine in this country, German brand L Thyroxine Henning and also WP throid from the USA (which contains no corn at all) I now believe that I may be allergic to manmade levo and want to try corn free Armour, I have already tried ordinary Armour that I purchased without a prescription from the USA but unfortunately it contains corn and I cannot tolerate this either. I was diagnosed with hypo 5 years ago and as I have never been able to tolerate any of the meds I remain untreated, this is of great concern to me as it could lead to serious health problems if I do not receive medication as a matter of urgency. As Armour is not available in the UK I am not sure whether it is possible that I will be able to get corn free Armour even from a compounding pharmacy but please would you lovely people out there be kind enough to let me know. Any help that you may be able to give would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks and Happy New Year!

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  • I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that you wont find a compounding pharmacy which has an export licence. All the big medicine exporters stick to branded products only. As far as I know (which is not a lot to do with compounding pharmacies) is that you would need a US prescription.

    Hopefully someone who knows more will be able to help, I know there is someone on here that is American and uses a compounding pharmacy, or her sister did, cant really remember.

  • Thanks for this susymac, Not looking too promising after your comments, hopefully the American lady/man will contact me with more promising news. Thanks again

  • There is a product called Compounded levo by Martindales. There is a new product NP Thyroid which is also in the link below.

  • Thanks for this Shaws, I will ring Martindales tomorrow, but as far as the NP thyroid is concerned its a no go, it contains maltodextrin which is a derivative of corn starch. Anymore suggestions you can offer would be very much appreciated.

  • There is a compounding pharmacy in Germany that exports compounded medicines. I have heard that they do compound natural desiccated thyroid but they do require a prescription. Please pm me if you'd like the details.

  • Hello, Yes please I would appreciate any info that you could give me, I really need to do something, only problem is my GP won't give me a prescription so any ideas what I do please. Thanks alot for taking the time to help me. Sharon XX

  • Hi if you go onto stop the thyroid madness website and search fillers you will get a list for all NDT. I have not heard of a compounding pharmacy in the uk, but I hope one of the brands suit you


  • Thanks for this, I went onto STTM website and searched for fillers but a list didn't come up. Perhaps its me but I couldn't get anywhere with it. Could you please send me an idiot guide via PM? Many thanks

  • Do bear in mind that possibly all USA makes of desiccated thyroid product use the same single supplier of Thyroid USP. And I suspect that would include all the USA compounding pharmacies.

    If your problem is due to the content of that, well, unfortunately you might be out of luck with any USA product. As you have tried WP Thyroid maybe you have actually shown this? But maybe it was the inulin ingredient?

    Please don't take this as definitive - I could easily be wrong.


  • I use a compounding pharmacy in the USA who take a British prescription. Please PM me for details. It might be possible to have an intelligent dicussion with them. Also, there is the US compounding pharmacy porfesional body who have been of considerable help to me in the past.

  • How do I PM you please?

  • click on their pic or name to give you the yellow option box to 'send a message'

  • Thank you very much for this.

  • Please will you let me know if I have PM'd you, Not sure if I have done it right. Thanks alot

  • Armour does not contain corn, I take it and I am greatly intolerant to corn!! Erfa contains cornstarch as does levo, you won't get it without prescription in the UK, I can only suggest that you tell your doctor you want to try the liquid preparation, which has no cornstarch in it.

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