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I have been hypothyroid for about 20 years, taking 100 mg levothroxine. I have tried various combinations of levothroxine and NDT. For the last three months I stopped the levelthroxine and took 1 Naturethroid. Just had private blood test done. This is the first time I have actually made sure that I hadn't taken by NDT before the test. ie. I usually take it in the evening, so missed that one and did home blood test first thing next morning so hadn't had any throxine for 36 hours.

Results as follows:-

Ferritin 262.2 (Range 20-150)

Free T4 9.04 (Range 22-22)

Free T3 3.36 (3.1 - 6.8)

TSH 25.41 (0.27 - 4.2)

Anti-Thyoidperoxidase abs 34.5 (34)

Vitamin B12 379 (142-725)

This does explain why I am so tired. I have had a viral infection since before Christmas but then so has everyone else in family.

My question is - should i persevere with the NDT and up the dosage or add in the 100 leveothyoxine from the dr's as well.

I did try both a while ago and the results came back T4 and T3 top of the range and TSH very low but this was doing a blood test first thing in the morning after taking treatment the night before.

Really I am trying to find a dosage which at least stops the weight gain and allows me to attempt some dieting.

My ferritin level is always high.

Weight gain is my main bug bear but I really don't ever suddenly increase my eating habits but the weight still keeps creeping up.

My balance is not good and I am walking more and more slowly.

Should I go gluten free. I really don't have any problems with digestion and did recently do a coeliac test which was negative. I don't suffer with the cold, more the opposite really, wear layers so I can take some off rather than put more on.

Suggestions please.

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I personally would up the NDT. I wouldn't touch levo again, even if dying. By taking your medication the night before your blood test the results would be skewed. Aim for 24 hours between taking and blood test.

I think you should up the NDT by 1/2 gr every 2 weeks till you feel well. If overstimulated drop down again and stay at that dose. Obviously, from time to time we need to adjust either up/down i.e. winter/summer.


Trish, you certainly need to increase your NatureThroid. Increase by half a grain now and again in two weeks then hold at 2 grains for 4 weeks and retest. 1 grain NT is equivalent to 75mcg-100mcg Levothyroxine.

Your antibodies are just positive for Hashimoto's so it may be worth trying gluten-free to see whether it helps slow the weight gain.

B12 <500 can cause neurological symptoms so your balance problems may improve if you supplement 1,000mcg methylcobalamin daily and take a B Complex to keep the other B vits balanced.


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