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After symptoms returning, had blood results, tsh 0.22 (0.27-4.2), t4 18 (10-22), while i was waiting for blood results i increased to 125 levo each day, was beginning to feel it was a little too much so dropped to 100 yesterday and 125 today. Im not sure if this is too much or too little.

My doctor would prefer me to stay on 100 but says im ok to take 125 a couple of times a week.

Im just confused as how to go about tweaking the dose and would be grateful for some advice..

I dont want tsh to be too low as she wont continue to prescribe higher amounts, also we are trying to concieve and doctor says ovulation will be supressed if tsh is too low..but i feel ill if it is any higher.

Thanks as always x

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Cut 25mcg in half and try 112.5mcg daily or continue with the 100/125mcg dosing & if it feels to much drop the 125mcg to every 2 or 3 days. I've not heard that low TSH suppresses ovulation but I have read that high TSH can make conceiving difficult.

There are a couple of useful links about pregnancy & hypothyroidism towards the bottom of

Best of luck :)


Thanks clutter, i will do that. I took 100 today but felt awful so ended up taking the extra 25 just wondering how i still have symptoms with such a low tsh.

Re what my doctor said, im not sure if she was just trying to scare me by saying that or if its actually true lol..ive read that a lot of people feel better with a supressed tsh anyway.

Thanks for links x


But then i wonder if im feeling ill cos ive taken too much. Dose tweaking is hard work lol x


Maybe a stable daily dose of 112.5mcg would suit you better?


It probably would, i only have a few days worth of 25s left tho then a month of 50s spare which would involve some serious pill cutting, im not very good at that!


Do you know how your vitamin levels are doing? Many people told me how important they are but I've only recently really realised just what a difference having optimal levels makes to me,, especially supporting thyroid function and efficient conversion of t4 to t3.. which is the active hormone. Mainly. Vitamin d , b12 , iron, magnesium . I'm no expert mind you. But then,, were all learning... regards,, Ian

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Thanks ian,

Had them tested a few months ago and all good, she checked iron last week and said it was very good (dont have number im afraid), i take b12, d, magnesium in different supplements so im sure they are ok, she wont check my t3 so no idea what its doing.


That's good and sounds like your doc is helpful too which really is half the battle,, do you happen to know what your d level is,, winter is upon us and we often need more. If your doc won't retest this then you can get very good home test for 25 quid,, as for t3,, no doc won't test it and lab would prob say no even if he requested it. I got mine done via blue horizon,, via thyroid UK site. Gave me good idea how I was converting.


Hi both, I'm in Leicestershire and the Lab did my freeT4 freeT3 and TSH but the Dr. Put a note on the request. I think you can insist, I said I would like to know if I was converting from T4 to T3 and he did them. Hope this helps.


Would deff help if you could tell us what your ft3 is,, plus your other vitamin levels,, often happens that the doc says they're fine but in truth, they're only just ok and further improvement can bring about benefits..

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im in ireland, but my doctor wont ask for t3 to be tested unless my t4 is off she says..i agree i need it doing and have no idea about private testing in ireland. Am i right in thinking tho that if i feel better and am on slightly higher dose, i couldnt be classed (as far as bloods are concerned) as overmedicated unless my t4 was out of range? i think i will feel well alternating.


doctors need to go back to school

if your ferritin




vit d3



are not ALL IN UPPER QUADRANT of their ranges you wont feel well

your thyroxine wont be correctly utilised and you will not be in any shape to get pregnant

please though realise that thyroid problems are highly inherited especially down female line

although its my husband

my daughter

grandaughters from both of our daughters who all have hashimotos


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