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help! I got numb toes, feeling exhausted,blurred vision,weary,chronic fatigue, cold hands and feet

Today i had some home made soup, vitamin D supplements, ashwagandhanda tablets vitamin B complex tablets, folic acid supplements, some bread, some cream mixed with vanilla and egg yolks , drinking yoghurts I got some hebridean crab meat from tesco which does not state where you cook it or eat it as it is but I thought pffff I will try one little crab then after that i felt like i was flaring up and I am still feeling more cold numb everything.

I have been drinking a lot throughout christmas and over done the cigarettes to - I have started smoking for the past month which is naughty but ever since i got numbness

I have been prescribed 60-mg of t3, the doctor told me my thyroxine levels are very low and need to increase to 4 a day - 80mg.

However, I have been taking 40mg a day for over 6 weeks and doctor does not know I have cut the dose from 60mg to 40mg. I was advised to do it by someone on here! because i was rushed to hospital with stroke like symptoms.

my ferritin levels are high and my vitamin D levels are below range and Vitamin B12 is low but below range and been supplementing with holland and barrat vitamin b complex.

now im feeling cold all over!

I am now like what the hell do I do next?? I am getting stiff neck now and feeling cold and weird help!!

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You were advised a few days ago to increase your T3 to 50mcg as your FT3 is low and you said you couldn't tolerate 60mcg. You should do this for 2 weeks and then try again to see whether you can tolerate 60mcg. It will take 6/8 weeks before you feel much improvement but you will feel slight improvement along the way.

Supplements usually need to be taken daily for 4/8 weeks before you feel any improvement.

Keep up with the hot soups and eat small frequent hot meals which will help you feel warm. A hot bath or shower is good when you feel cold to the marrow too.

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ive just bumped it up to 50mg just now

no worries:) still feeling numb


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