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Head feels clear Can think

On Armour for hypo since TT in 2000. Today I took my second dose of 30mg at noon and then an hour later took an Adrenal Complex, 1/2 of Alive multi vitamin, Vit C, and a methyl B-12. Within 1/2 hour my head cleared and actually started feeling perky. Ate a little food too. Lettuce and tiny chicken sandwich. I haven't felt this clear and good for an age. I will try the combo tomorrow to see if it repeats. Earlier I felt nauseated which I usually take a cinnamon capsule and took two today about two hours apart and then a Tums which cleared the nausea right away. I used to have this clear perky feeling in my head when I was on the old Armour. I've been taking the Adrenal Complex and Vit C just about every day so it might be the Alive Vitamin and the methyl Vit B-12. Will have to test tomorrow. Thought I'd share in case it could help others. Muffin7973

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Tums have aluminum in them so if you don't want dementia I would bin those. Better drink ginger tea for indigestion. Just saying...aluminum in pots and pans, bread also has gluten which is really bad for thyroid patients and any aluminum as well is toxic to the brain. But glad you are feeling better, maybe cut these out too and see how you are.


Glad to hear it worked for you. After a 10-year difficult journey with Hashimoto's (still looking for something to provide me energy and alleviate depression without spending $100+ monthly on supplements IN addition to my levothyroxine and cytomel), I am now wondering if the answer could be T3 ONLY - about 40-50 mcg daily. My doctors won't prescribe more than 5 mcg daily of Cytomel, saying it could make me hyper thyroid. I've ordered a book from a guy who is doing T3 only and it apparently worked for him.


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