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I have been feeling pretty bad after having a heart attack in Jan 2014 although cardiologist says heart is fine and no worries. But my blood test results through the doctor were 'Fine'. I had an anxiety attack the other day and in A&E the results of the blood tests for my thyroid were 'Normal. And Yet when I had a 24 hour urine test the results were very low for T3 at 225, normal 592-1850, and T4 at 150, normal 347-1994. How come the NHS blood tests are all given as normal? I am short of breath, anxious about everything, get the shakes, and feel awful. I only eat good food now, no sugar and no pies etc. My endo said I have weak adrenals so I am on Nutri Adrenal Extra, I find I cannot take more than one tablet. I have become a hypochondriac, I am on Clopidogrel until January for the blood thinning and aspirin. My progesterone and estrogen came back with very low. I think the endo is putting me on T3 and T4 shortly, at the moment I take 25mcg levothyroxine. I have a deep voice at the moment. Is this normal hypothyroid, I am very mixed up with different doctors, hospitals opinions.

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  • Dramlouie, it's natural to have health anxiety after a heart attack and while you continue to feel unwell. Your symptoms are typical of hypothyroid/adrenal insufficiency. You aren't a hypochondriac. If your TSH is high-ish it can cause your thyroid gland to swell as it tries to pump out more T4 and this can cause your voice to become hoarse.

    Although your thyroid bloods were within normal range at the hospital, the range is broad and doesn't mean your levels are optimal. I don't think your endo would be considering T4+T3 if your thyroid levels were normal. 25mcg is a very conservative dose and s/he's being cautious with dosing because of your weak adrenals and earlier heart attack. Your symptoms and hoarse voice will improve when you are optimally medicated.

  • Wow, I didn't realise what caused the hoarse deep voice, that makes sense. Nothing seems to be explained on why I am feeling like I do, it does worry me as everything concerns me that it is linked to heart. Its like being sick when you are pregnant, you don't worry about it as you know its normal but if you didn't know you would feel worse. I had 5 different diagnoses for the heart attack so I had 5 things to worry about. After an MRI they say its all fine and I didn't need anything doing thank goodness. In one year I have lost 2.25 stone, I wasn't eating properly as the doctor just said I had to lose weight, so I hardly ate and was still putting on weight, so my system packed up. Stupid doctors never checked my thyroid. Now I have muscle weakness, dry thick wrinkly skin and bad eyesight and thinning hair and trying to cope with two school children on my own doesn't help. But thanks for your comments, it has helped greatly. Happy Christmas

  • Dramlouie, Thick skin, thinning hair and eyesight will improve within months of being optimally medicated with thyroid hormone but it will probably take longer to regain muscle strength with gentle exercise and diet.

    Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

  • Sounds very like hypothyroid is at the base of everything

  • Voice changes i.e. hoarseness can happen with hypoththyroidism. The thyroid gland can also be swollen.

    Sometimes a low dose of thyroid hormones can make you feel worse so hopefully you get an increase soon. If you have to cope with being unwell and looking after children you need a proper dose of medication. When you go for your next blood test, don't take levo on the morning and have it afterward. Also have test as early as possible as TSH is highest then.

    Many of us go round in circles knowing we are unwell and expecting to be diagnosed but many are undiagnosed for one reason or another and then clinical symptoms widen, i.e. heart, etc begin to play up.

    Unfortunately nowadays doctors don't know the clinical symptoms of hypo and are apt to go only on the TSH result and, if within the normal range, we are told it's nothing to do with the thyroid gland, when it is if notice was taken of the clinical symptoms. It's a forgotten skill.

    Always get a print-out of your blood test results with the ranges for your own records and so that you can post for comments. You take levo on an empty stomach with 1 glass of water and don't eat for around 1 hour. Take other medication/supplements 4 hours apart from levo.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • What tests did NHS do? Maybe just a TSH. A heart attack can be from Hypo too. You need help and fast. Maybe you should see if Louise, i think it is, can direct you to a good doctor, so you don't have to grow through more years of illness, like many of us did.

  • My last thyroid test at my doctor's was 'Acceptable' - T4 12.5 (normal 12-22) and TSH 5.17 (normal 0.3-4.2). I don't know what the hospital results were, when I asked they just said they were 'Fine'. Since my heart attack in January my diet has been good. I look at myself and have aged so much comparing to my friends of the same age. I used to do orienteering and now I feel so old, weak with no oomph anymore. Just want to sit in front of the tv and even then I just doze off. How can you explain everything to a doctor in 10 minutes including them reading your notes and even then they say its one symptom at a time. Just hopeless, lost faith in everything NHS.

  • It may be wise to ask for a magnesium test too, low magnesium is very common and has an effect on the heart, my private adrenal specialist is very keen on magnesium for all sorts of problems, it is important to buy the correct magnesium i.e. chelate and not oxide, I would certainly ask your Endo to look into this, in the meantime do some googling research on the subject but don't supplement without discussing first with your specialist.

  • will do, thanks for your advice

  • My anxiety has been good today. First day back to the cardiac fit clinic which was good and boosted my mood. Trouble is I have awful belching, it just suddenly erupts and I can't stop it, and its so loud. I have also been getting a slight very mild pain although it doesn't hurt high in the abdomen sometimes. I wonder if it is a hiatus hernia. I don't belch when moving, usually when sitting or starting to move along with the mild pain which ony lasts a second. Just everything seems to worry me, its so random and the doctors are always pessimistic which scares me and sets me off worrying again. I have reduced my NAX from one to a half and that seems to have helped. Palpitations have stopped.

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