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Hashimotos - Thyroid Test results

FT3 15.3 pmol/L (3.1-6.8)

FT4 8 pmol/L (10.00-22.00)

TSH 0.03 mu/L (0.3-5.5)


25mcg T4

30mcg T3

Doctor is panicking and wants me to stop T3 altogether and only have 75 mcg T4

He has never agreed that T3 IS OF ANY USE TO ME, ALTHOUGH I'VE BEEN successfully USING various amounts T3 and a small amount of T4 (25mcg) for around 10 YEARS . Recently I haven't been feeling right so went to see GP had a blood test and it opened the whole thing up about T3 . He says it's too expensive and of no use.

The above are latest results . The TGAb, TPOAb tests haven't come back yet.

I didn't take thyroid medication the morning of the test

At the moment I take T3 20mcg first thing am and 10mcg between 2-4pm and T4 25mg first thing am

Sympathetic Endo isn't available at all immediately and first appointment is mid June.

Grateful for any comments

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If you are certain your last T3 dose was the afternoon before your blood test you are very over medicated.

If you took 20mcg T3 on the morning of your blood test that would explain the high FT3 result.

Surely you are the one who knows whether or not T3 is of use to you? If it is helping you then your GP should not withdraw T3 because of cost. See the statement from the BTA british-thyroid-association...


Thanks for your reply. Sorry but I gave wrong test results. they were from 3 months ago and I did take T3 and T4 before the blood test.

These are the latest results



TSH 0.01

FT3 4.8

FT4 7



Those results are fine. TSH is suppressed, FT4 below range because you're taking proportionately much more T3 than Levothyroxine, and FT3 is good. Because you left more than 12 hours between last dose and blood draw your FT3 4.8 is falsely low. Your normal circulating FT3 can be extrapolated by +15% so that your circulating FT3 is probably closer to 5.52.


THANK YOU SO MUCH - I feel much better already!

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