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I have just got my most recent results back and will be seeing specialist again next week hopefully. I am currently taking 100 mg of Levo which I have been taking now for about 2 years.

Magnesium = 1.9 (range 1.6 - 2.6)

Ferritin = 45.92 (range 09 - 120)

B12 = 280.20 (range 200 - 950)

T3 = 0.95 (range 0.50 - 2.00)

T4 = 8.67 (range 4.00 - 13.0)

TSH = 1.77 (range 0.50 - 6.00)

Microsomal antibody = 137.90 (range 10 - 35)

Thyroglobulin antibody = 54.36 (range 20 - 40) * not sure if this translates ok in English my tests are in Portugese so I have had difficulty translating some of them :(

Ferro Serico (this this is Iron?) = 144 (range 37 - 145)

I have put what the "normal range" is on the blood test results, although I am sure many of the normal ranges are not normal for me having under active thyroid.

Hope it makes sense, any advice would be much appreciated in advance of me seeing the Endo. :)

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According to Google Translate, "ferro sérico" is "serum iron". Yours is very high in range considering that your ferritin (iron stores) is really not very high at all. Mid-range for your ferritin is about 65, which I think would be an ideal level with the range you have.

However, I think you should be very cautious indeed if you choose to supplement iron because you really don't have to go up much to get to a good level. Iron is poisonous if it gets too high. There are other measures that would help you to make a decision on whether to supplement iron for a short while. Low haemoglobin, haematocrit and/or red blood cell level would indicate you might benefit from iron, but you might not have these numbers. Without that info, I think you should be very careful indeed.

Your vitamin B12 level is much too low. I try to keep my own B12 right at the top of the range and I don't care if I go over. Unlike iron, B12 is not toxic so you can't do yourself any harm with this. Most people do well with sublingual methylcobalamin 5000mcg for a few weeks then switch to a lower dose of the same thing and take 1000mcg per day to maintain your levels.

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Thanks for the reply human bean, I was worried about the levels being so high and I am not taking any iron supplements so no idea why it is so high.

I thought with the B12 that was a low reading as I have read so many posts that say it is essential and some supplement it. I will look into getting this supplemented - I have heard some people have the B12 injections so may consider this if its possible.

Thanks again for your response - its very helpful.


Bristol, ref ranges are based on population averages in the lab testing area.

Both antibody tests mean you are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). A gluten-free diet can help manage Hashimoto's and reduce antibodies but it doesn't help everyone.

Your TSH is a little higher than most are comfortable with (just above or below 1.0) and your FT4 and FT3 could be higher in range. A dose increase would improve all of them. Read Dr. A. Toft's comments in this link

HB has given good advice about supplementing 5,000mcg sublingual lozenges, spray or patches methylcobalamin to raise your B12.

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Thank you for the info Clutter - I will look at the links you have posted and make sure I have the info at hand when I get to see the Endo in the next week or so.

I have been looking into going gluten free as this has come up so much on various discussions and looks like it would be worth trying.

Thanks again for the advice.


I would say your magnesium could be a little higher, too.


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