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New blood test results


It looks like I am severely Hypo...can anyone tell me what they think about my resent blood work.

Do you prefer Armour thyroid or synthetic levothyroxine

I am thinking of switching to Armour because I just can't seem to get regulated on Levo.

Soooooo Frustrated with this extra weight gain, loss of hair, brittle nails and very dry skin:(

DHEA-SULFATE135 ug/dL F 35-256 12/09/2014 12:30 12/10/2014 21:23 Released

TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL16 ng/dL F 12/09/2014 12:30 12/11/2014 11:21 Released

CORTISOL5.8 ug/dL F 2.3-19.4 12/09/2014 12:30 12/11/2014 13:37 Released

FSH9.4 mlU/mL F 12/09/2014 12:30 12/10/2014 21:23 Released

T3, FREE 2.9 pg/mL F 2.0-4.4 12/09/2014 12:30 12/10/2014 21:23 Released

T3133 ng/dL F 80-200 12/09/2014 12:30 12/10/2014 21:23 Released

T4, FREE 1.07 ng/dL F 0.93-1.70 12/09/2014 12:30 12/10/2014 21:23 Released

T48.0 ug/dL F 4.5-11.7 12/09/2014 12:30 12/10/2014 21:23 Released

TSH-6.41 uIU/mL F 0.27-4.20 12/09/2014 12:30 12/10/2014 21:23 H Released

THYROID PEROXIDASE Abs< 5 UI/mL F < 34 12/09/2014 12:30 12/10/2014 21:57 Released

25 hydroxy Vitamin D30 ng/mL F 30-100 12/09/2014 12:30 12/10/2014 18:28 Released

VITAMIN B12551 pg/mL F >400 12/09/2014 12:30 12/10/2014 21:23 Released

Ferritin29 ng/mL F 13-150 12/09/2014 12:30 12/11/2014 18:27 Released

Prothrombin G20210A MutationG/G F 12/09/2014 12:30 12/10/2014 18:28 Released

Galectin-39.5 ng/mL F <17.9 12/09/2014 12:30 12/10/2014 18:28 Released

Anti-GAD< 5 IU/mL F < 6 12/09/2014 12:30 12/11/2014 18:27 Released

ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE35 U/L F 35-125 12/09/2014 12:30 12/10/2014 19:49 Released

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Hi jilly, I'll guess you have not been feeling well at all. I'll give you links to two easy articles that might help.

Several of your blood tests are very "off". Your TSH is too high and should be brought down to 1.0. If you have been on Levo for a while, it should have come down. Your free T4 is too low. Levo IS T4 so you have not been taking enough possibly. Your free T3 is also very minimal at 2.9. This is the active part of the thyroid hormone and would have more effect if it were a better number.

Your ferritin is also very low. You have to have a level of 70 or above when you need your FT4 to convert to FT3. This is too low to assist your Levo to work. Your vitamin D is barely in range. Someone posted an article today regarding vitamin D and Hashimoto association. You need to get started on that and even B12 supplements.

I prefer Armour myself and did not do well on Synthroid but you may just be under medicated. How much do you take daily? These articles might help.



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Poor you. How much levo are you on? Your tsh is much too high and your t3 much too low for someone who is on treatment. You won't know if levo suits you until you're on enough of it to get your results off the floor.

At the very least you need to be on more levo - now - and in the end if your t3 remains wishy-washy and you don't feel well you may want some t3 as well. What does your doctor say?

(Just to say my reply was posted before I saw Heloise's and yes: what she said.)

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firstly your Ferritin is way way too low which will be precisely why your body cannot utilise the levothyroxine

its vital that your ferritin is pushed up to over hallway in its range by taking iron plus at least 1000mg vit C 4 hours away from any thyroid meds

if you can get NDT that would indeed be better as it contains the t3 your cells are screaming for

you also need to take a really goo multivitamin last thing at night because hypothyroid trashes all the bodys vitamins and minerals

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NDT may make you feel much better than on levo. One I found good was Nature Throid which is hypoallergenic, but there are several others.

I would definitely plump for NDT.

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Thank you all for your responses, it is such a blessing to be able to talk to knowledgable people on this forum who have gone through similar thing.

I switched my thyroid medication to 60 mg Armour, I am hoping this will help me.

I knew nothing about ferritin, so thank you for suggesting I take Iron, Vit D and Vit C supplement, I will be running out to the store today so hopefully I will be feeling better soon.

Could this be why I had all the weight gain all of a sudden??


Yes, unexplained weight gain is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism. Usually, when you are on an optimum dose it will reduce as your metabolism will be raised, especially on NDT. It's important that you aren't kept to a dose according to your TSH but that you get sufficient to make you feel well.

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