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Armour update - 3 years on

Hi everyone - just looked back and realise that it's a year since I posted my last update!! This time last year i had just reduced to 2.25 grains after feeling a bit hyper over Christmas on 2.5/2.25 grains per day.

I have now been on 2.25 grains for a year and am feeling pretty well and stable. I have had to switch from armour to Erfa, but thankfully haven't noticed any difference. I've just had my annual blood tests dine with results as follows:

TSH > 0.02

FT4 15.6 (12-22)

FT3 5.1 (3.1-6.8)

I am seeing my endo next week, hopefully he will be ok with these results. He was with similar results last time.

Not so good were my ferritin at 42 (29-470) and FSH 39.5, which I think indicates start of menopause :( :( I am 47.

I have been having a few symptoms such as lighter, shorter and irregular periods and a bit of hair thinning. I think my GP thought this was thyroid related (I didn't), but now looks like menopause (or maybe hair could be low ferritin?). I have bought some supplements today, and hope these will help on the hair front. Hope the menopause won't mess up my thyroid situation? Any tips would be very welcome please.

Anyway, it was lovely to meet some forum members at the excellent conference in October :D

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and healthy new year. Clare xx

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Hi Clare, thyroid results are very nice and should please your endo.

Hairloss can be due to low ferritin &/or low zinc. My hair has just stopped shedding after my FT3 was over range in the Summer. Just had TFT so will be interested to see FT3 next week.


Thanks clutter :) I hadn't thought of zinc - will add that to my shopping list too. Hope your FT3 result next week is good. Xx


Clarebear, good to see you are doing well. If I remember correctly you had to titrate up very slowly and allow time for your body to adjust. Might be interesting to check your other hormones, SHBG, the estrogens, progesterone and so forth. Again, good to see you doing well. PR

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Thanks PR :) Yes you do remember correctly - I really struggled with raising my dose, even when very hypo. It was only when I started CT3M that I was able to increase my dosage.

Is my GP/endo likely to test these other hormones or will I need to get them done privately? Thanks x


During menopause the ratios sometimes get out of balance which can effect thyroid. Just something to keep in mind. As Clutter suggested ferritin and/or zinc would be a good place to start. If down the road you think things are changing then your doc might run a full female hormone panel. What did you find worked for CT3M dosing if you wouldn't mind sharing? PR


Thanks fof the info. I don't do the ct3m anymore but did it for a whole year. From memory i think I took 1 grain at 5am and then got up at 7.00 of 7.30am. I couldn't tolerate this much in one go to start with though - think I started with 1/2 a grain - Paul Robinson advised me. I now take my 2.25 grains all in one go at 7am with no problems.


I need my ferritin to be around 130 for my hair. I've been struggling for 2 years to get my zinc to a good level. How long did you stop your medication before the test?


Hi neeta - thanks for your reply. Interesting re ferritin - I have bough some ferrous sulphate so will try and get ferritin up ANC hope this will help re hair.

I left a gap of about 26 hours after previous dose as I take all my NDT in one go at about 7am,so just delayed that mornings dose until after the blood test.


Clare, don't forget to take the iron with vitamin C. Dr P told me to take my thyroid medication as normal the day before the blood test, and to not take any thyroid medication on the day of the blood test. So am confused, as on healthunlocked some people say leave 24 hours, others say 12 hours.


I have always left it 24 hours to be on the safe side. Also now for consistency of results :) Yes have some vitamin c thanks x


Hello would you please kindly tell me why you had to switch from armour to Erfa.

I am just starting on armour and I would like to know if this is the most suitable type, I was a bit shocked at paying VAT and a handling fee of £23 when I received my drugs but I think I would pay anything to get my backside off this settee

Thank you Mariam


I only switched as my pharmacy couldn't get Armour for me (nhs prescription). I haven't really noticed any difference between Armour and Erfa, but maybe have a slight preference for Erfa. I am taking exactly the same dose of 2.25 grains. Good luck x


Hello Clarebear, I seem to remember you saying you had meibomian gland dysfunction. Have you found this has improved since you got your hypothyroidism sorted? I have mgd and am not yet on a stable dose of Levo. My eye consultant thinks the MGD is not going to improve until my thyroid problems are resolved. (I've tried drops, plugs, compresses, fish oil, etc). Thanks for any help you can provide.


Hi Keziablue - I haven't really noticed any change in my MGD, but mine was caused by Stevens-Johnson Syndrome rather than being thyroid related. I hope your situation has improved by now? x


Dear Claire bear,

How did you get an nhs prescription for efra.Do you see a good endo in Bristol or GP?

Can you private message me with their names?



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