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Adrenal stress profile results

Just got this today in the post from Genova Diags.

Sample 1 23.7 (12-22)

Sample 2 3.9 (5-9)

Sample 3 9.4 (3-7)

Sample 4 1.3 (1-3)

Ranges in brackets.

DHEA levels

Sample 2 am 0.89

Sample 3 pm. 0.82

Both are inside range.

Summary: morning cortisol level above normal. Possible reflection of low night time blood sugar levels, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, glycogen storage impairment or imbalance in hypothalamic adrenal axis.

Noon cortisol is below. A degree do adrenal hypo function with decreased adaptive response.

Afternoon cortisol. Above normal, indicative of the blood glucose counter regulation process or stress action.

In nutshell, what does this all mean and what course of action is required to correct this?

I assume there is an issue here amongst this terminology.


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Hi Markg, thanks for posting. I'm sorry you've had no replies.


Hi Markg,

We are just going through posts which haven't, as yet, been answered. As many of us don't know too much about cortisol levels and the reason, most probably, why there hasn't been a response I wonder if a link to Paul Robinson's site may be helpful to you. It is self-explanatory.



Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will have a look at this video.



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