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New blood results, still no improvement in symptoms,

I have just had my blood taken again , my TSH had gone down from 0.77 to 0.44 on 2 grains of armour. Had my first Free T4 and T3 done: which are

Free T4 12.5. 12.00 - 26.00

Free T3. 6.6. 3.1 -6.8

Vit D 51. (No range)

Serum iron. 13. 6.6 - 26.00

Ferritin. 61. 13 -150

B12. 604. 191 - 663

My symptoms have no changed that much, I am still tired most of the day, the only real change is I don't seem to have as much brain fog, or pains in my muscles. And no change to weight loss. Has anyone got any ideas, as my results are not reflecting my health . Thank you in advance

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You may need to gradually increase Armour till you feel better. This should be done gradually may be a 1/4 tablet each time. This is a link and if you go to the question dated November 21, 2003 and the one after they are self-explanatory.

Someone will comment on your Vit D, iron, and ferritin


How long is it since you have been taking the Armour?

I'm no expert but your T3 is quite high so not sure you should increase just yet.

It takes me about three months to feel the full effects of upping my armour dose.


I have been taking armour since April 2014 2 grains


Long enough then!


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