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Hi, after taking 2 x Spa Tone iron sachets per day with 1000mg Vitamin C for 6 months, my ferritin level has hardly risen - it was 20 and now is 27 ( range 22 - 275)

I would like to increase this (I've read that 70 to 80 should be optimal) and I'm now taking 3 x Spa Tone sachets but wondered if I could add heme iron to this too?

Any advice would be really helpful.


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  • Ndoro, Spatone doesn't contain much elemental iron as it's designed for people who have difficulty tolerating iron. If you can tolerate ferrous fumarate take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation. This member outlines how she improved her low ferritin:


  • Hi Clutter, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I can't tolerate ferrous fumarate, which is why I thought I might try heme iron. I can tolerate iron bisglycinate, but read here that heme iron is better. I don't eat meat, but do eat fish and have a low carb, high protein/fat diet and try to keep gluten and sugar to a minimum.

    I've been taking a variety of supplements since May for adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid and have seen an improvement in most things apart from the ferritin. My energy levels and the condition of my hair are better, but I'm still experiencing hair loss and various other symptoms.

    Thanks for the link to the other member and their ferritin level improvement.

  • From my limited reading and understanding of iron absorption, it might be that heme, ferritin and other iron sources end up being absorbed by three (or more) different routes. That could suggest the idea of swapping from one source to another might not be as effective as continuing with what you are taking and adding heme and/or ferritin.

    I am not particularly well-informed about iron, but am hoping you might be able to find out more.


  • Have you tried Floradix?

  • Hi, iron is mostly absorbed in duodendum. The physical state of iron entering the duodenum influences its absorption. At physiological pH, ferrous iron is being oxidized to the insoluble ferric form. Gastric acid lowers the pH in the proximal duodenum, enhancing the solubility and uptake of ferric iron. When gastric acid production is impaired (ex. by acid pump inhibitors such as the drug, prilosec), iron absorption is substantially reduced. Hypothyroidism is often associated with low stomach acid. This may be smth to look into. Heme iron has a different mechanism of absorbtion and is more relying on the duodendum Ph.

  • HI Spatone not strong. You need ferrous Fumerate from GP.I take max dose of that, still low. What is your Ferritin too? as 2 dependent on each other to a degree.B12?


  • Hi, thanks for all the replies. I did have digestion problems, but avoiding gluten definitely makes a difference. My B12 and folate have increased considerably since I've been on supplements, so I think I'm now absorbing better. I will add heme iron and see whether that makes a difference.


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