How can my Ferritin have dropped again?

My Ferritin started out at 10, (ref range 13-150) - it only went up to 13 after months and months of supplementing with Ferrous Sulphate from the doc. I decided to try liquid iron instead so i began taking 2 x Spatone liquid sachets a day (with vitamin C) that i bought from the Chemist. I got my levels up to 43 by mid 2012 and dropped to taking 1 x Spatone liquid sachet a day thinking it would slowly carry on going up - i've just been tested again and it has gone down to 29.

I stopped for a week before the test so i didn't get a false reading but I'm confused how it could have gone back down again when i have been taking one a day? I assumed it would still be slowly going up? Is this a sign of something else being wrong or should i not be worried and just up it to two a day again? Could it be that I need to take two a day again until i get up to an optimal level, then take two one day and one the next to keep at optimal level?

Thanks for any input

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  • Hi, here is a link which has a lot of info you might need.

  • thanks for this, I've had a quick scan through and looks like some useful info, I'll have a look in more detail tonight

  • I personally found that my ferritin went down on 2 spatone a day. My Gp told me that ferrous fumerate is 10 times stronger than spatone so I switched to that. My ferritin did begin to go up but has since come down again, even though I haven't changed the dose :( Sorry not much help I know. Xx

  • Are you eating an iron rich diet though Clare?

  • No probably not :D x

  • My levels dropped on Spatone. It would appear that if you are seriously deficient and/or you have absorption issues, there is just not enough iron in it to boost them.


  • I did well on Puritans Pride Easy Iron ( ferrous bis-glycenate ) 2 capsules a day. My ferritin was 16 in January 2012, 52 in May and just over 100 in the summer.


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