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advice needed on correct b12 supplement

Hi Sorry to mither but I have ordered Jarrow Methylobalamin b12 lozenges and wondered if anyone uses them. My b12 blood results were within range b12 level 326 ng/l (180.0 - 910.0). dont know if I really need them with my results but believe they may help with night sweats. Also does anyone know if taking Vit C tablets at 500mgs can contribute to raised ferritin levels as I read if you have raised levels avoid Vit C

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Your B12 should be OPTIMAL - around 800/900. So supplements needed. B12 works in the body with Folic Acid so take those too - or at least ensure you have a GOOD B Complex containing good levels of Folic Acid. Folic Acid binds to the B12 in the body and holds onto it for a longer before it is excreted. A B complex is needed to keep all the B's in balance.

Only 20% of the B12 in your blood test can be used at a cellular level where it is needed - so you are very low. What a pity Docs do not seem to know this little bit of knowledge....

Sorry do not know much about Ferritin - except that it is a protein that binds to iron so it can be stored in the liver .... have not read that VitC is bad for anything....


Ann, Jarrows Formula is excellent and tastes good too, nice and lemony. I think you do need B12 supplementation with B12 at 312. Mine was slightly higher and doubled in 8 weeks using B12 spray but I now use Jarrows.

VitC aids absorption of iron when supplementing iron but I've never heard that it causes ferritin to be raised without iron. I had very high ferritin last year before I supplemented with vitC. Elevated ferritin is often due to inflammation somewhere in the body.


Thanks for the help looks like I have ordered the right thing then. They should arrive tomorrow so I will give them a try. Is low B12 a symptom of hypo also does low b12 cause low mood.


Ann, low B12 is common in hypothyroid patients but it may be due low stomach acid which is also common in hypo patients and it makes it hard to break down and absorb nutrients from food.

Hypothyroidism, low B12 and low vitD can all cause low mood and fatigue.


Everything you need to know about B12 and beyond :-)

You can also type B12 into the Search Box on the green bar at the top of the page - press Enter on your keyboard and lots of earlier post about B12 will appear....


I usually take the Jarrow formulas B12, but occasionally have to change as they start to give me a sore mouth - I think it's the citric acid.

Vitamin C makes iron more bio available, but I have no idea whether that would affect your ferritin levels.

High ferritin can be caused by:

damage to ferritin-containing tissues, for example, the bone marrow and liver

inflammation or infection (does not cause high iron)

genetic iron-loading conditions

secondary iron-loading conditions, which are mainly due to blood transfusions

chronic anaemias caused by ineffective haematopoesis (blood cell production), for example, thalassaemia.


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