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Amalgam Fillings and B12:

I have heard that B12 chelates mercury a lot.

I was also told, that we should not take B12 if we have amalgam fillings.

Has anyone with B12 deficiency, had there amalgam fillings removed.

Does this apply to all the combalamins, or is it just methylcobalamin.

Does hydroxo do the same, when in contact with mercury.

Does anyone one know, what needs to be taken, to remove mercury from the body.

Any information, would be appreciated.


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I don`t know if this is true, but garlic is said to remove mercury from the body, in fact, anything containing selenium is supposed to do this.


Garlic is soooo good for you, I hadn't realized it also had this potential.

I have been told to take great care on the removal process of mercury from my body.

Garlic is something I use daily,so lets hope it has an effect on this as well.

Thank you for your reply,much appreciated.

Take care



I've read a lot about B12 but have never read that. I wonder what that process might be. I do recall spirulina and chlorella being something that can detox heavy metals but you have to take precautions.


It seems that B12 Methylcobalamin can increase the methylation of mercury.

I also think chlorella can possibly have the ability to bring mercury across the brain barrier.

It is all new to me as well, but I have stopped taking Methylcobalamin for now.

I will be looking into getting a blood test for heavy metals, and take things from there.

Thank you for replying.



Very interesting question!

I am taking B12 and did not consider this aspect but have had my fillings replaced some years ago.

My story is that when I took early retirement at 60, I asked my Dentist if he would replace my Amalgam fillings with the white inert fillings. He tut-tutted and said it wasn't advised as it would release mercury into my blood stream! (So much for them being safe!) A couple of years later, following a blood test, my Doctor said I had a slight kidney problem. He gave me some pills to take. After two days I had a tremendous ache in both kidneys! So I refused to take them. A couple of days later my wife made a curry, within an hour the pain went! I couldn't believe it. I checked what was in curry powder then researched it online. Lo and behold it was well documented that coriander is a great (and cheap) mercury detoxifier! I then found an American Dentist on the internet who made his patients take coriander for 3 weeks, have the fillings replaced, then continue the coriander for 3 months. I printed this off and showed it to my Dentist. He then agreed to replace my fillings.

Some proponents of coriander suggest taking a binder such as charcoal or chlorella to ensure the mercury is moved into the bowel for elimination and not being re-ingested further down the intestines.

By-the-way, most Flu jabs and other inoculations contain mercury. This is why I refuse to have Flu jabs.

Hope this is of interest



I have been taking Methylcobalamin now for 8 weeks but also the sublinguals for a few months earlier.

A close friend of mine in the medical business, alerted me to this the other day, she said, to stop

taking the methyl b12, till I have all my amalgams removed.

I feel that even with the amalgams removed, I will still be hesitant to recommence with Methylcobalamin,as the mercury will still be in my system, so potentially still a threat to me, while taking the B12.

Have you had a blood test to see if you have any mercury remaining in your body.

Did your dentist take all the precautions with removal, my husband has had mercury fillings

drilled on, replaced, with no safety checks in place, for him or dentist.

Thank you very much Yannibenji for replying, the coriander sounds a very interesting route to pursue.

I hope you are enjoying your retirement.



You don't say why you are taking B12 supplements and how you know that mercury is your problem.

At that time there was no recognition by Medical people that amalgams were harmful. I still do not know if mercury was the problem only that taking coriander and having my amalgams replaced removed the kidney problem according to subsequent blood tests.

If you have been diagnosed with low B12 then I recommend keep taking it but take charcoal tablets (or other metal binding substances) to assist the elimination through the bowels and not be re-absorbed in the intestines. If your mercury levels are high then taking B12 together with coriander may be too strong for your body to handle all at once in the short term.

At the time of my kidney problem there was no admittance by medical people that the mercury in amalgams was harmful. No testing was available and even today there is doubt concerning the reliability of any such tests.

I cannot remember my Dentist taking any extra precautions however, I took a teaspoon of coriander with me on each session and when the Dentist was finished I put it in my mouth with some of their mouthwash and thoroughly rinsed my mouth out. I did this in the hope that it would bind with any free-floating mercury residue to be spat out.

I really enjoyed my retirement for the first 6 years and became a carer for my wife. However, she died following complications whilst having a stent fitted for her abdominal aneurysm. A year later I was diagnosed with the same disease, caused I believe by the extreme grief I felt.

Since then I have researched and self experimented on the possible cause and treatment of aortic aneurysms even though the medical fraternity say that the cause is unknown and there is no cure.

However, this is another story.

Good luck to you and all people on this site in your quests for better health.


Further to my previous reply, scientist are now convinced that inflammation is the cause of most 'Western Diseases' in the elderly.

This inflammation is now believed to be high homocysteine levels NOT high cholesterol! In fact Cholesterol is used by the body to patch up damage to the arteries caused by this inflammation. They state that high homocysteine levels are a better indicator of impending vascular disease such as heart attacks and Strokes.

Certain amino acids, B12 and other B vitamins, Folate and magnesium ( a magnesium deficiency is usually evident in all heart attack patients!) are all required to control homocysteine in the body. I believe that the way forward is not STATINS but improved food digestion and/or the above nutrient supplementation, together with higher natural vitamin C intake and adequate iodine, to give the body all the nutrients it needs to maintain itself as when we were younger.

Unfortunately, as we age our stomachs produce less acid and therefore inadequate protein breakdown and B12 cleavage to control homocysteine. Digestive enzymes with hydrochloric acid can assist with this, providing there is no inflammation/ulceration of the stomach already present.

I noticed that as my abdominal aneurysm grew my stomach felt more inflamed and that I had a possible gastric ulcer! My Doctor prescribed Lansoprazole to reduce stomach acidity in order to give the ulcer time to heal. Blood tests did not show a B12 deficiency but taking B12 supplements reduced the inflammation and my well being improved dramatically!

I hope this is of interest.



I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your wife....

Your grief must have been very deep, to have caused you such health problems,

but then, so must have been your love for her.

I agree with what you have written, inflammation plays a key role in heart disease, and so many other illnesses.

Also eating more alkaline foods, reducing the acid foods on our plates, will be healthy for our body as well.

I don't think the testing for mercury is very accurate, so I just assume, I have mercury in my body, because of amalgam fillings.

I also hadn't realized, that methylcobalamin B12, can increase the methylation of mercury.

I am not sure, if this also includes all the combalamins.

Good luck with your research on aortic aneurysms,one day, you may find someone,in the medical

profession, who will be more humble to listen.

Every day, patients walk through the medical centre doors, bringing with them, a wealth of knowledge.

All Doctors have to do, is listen....

Thank you very much for your replying.

Take care of yourself Yannibenji.

Kind regards



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Thank you Jannibenji. I am very grateful for all the information you have posted.

I too am so sorry to hear of the loss of your wife.

I have only recently found this site and have been helped a great deal by all the sharing of information.

At the moment I am reading "Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime" How big pharma has corrupted healthcare by Peter C Gotzsche. It is the Winner and First Prize in the "Basis of "Medicine" catagory of the British Medical Association's annual book awards 2014.

I recommend it to you.

best wishes

Rosy _Holly


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