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Amalgam fillings & Hashimotos - did you get yours removed?


Hi everyone, I had a dental appointment last week and it turns out that the tooth I have an amalgam filling in is cracked and 'leaking' amalgam. I ahve since discovered that there is a strong correlation between the mercury and other heavy metals present in amalgam fillings and the development of auto-immune thyroiditis (Hashimotos) and pituitary axis dysfunction. I plan to have this amalgam removed at the end of september and replaced with resin.

My question is, have any of you with Hashimotos or Graves found an improvement in your symptoms after having amalgam fillings removed? if so, how long was it before you started to feel a noticeable improvement? Did you undergo the MELISA test to determine if you have a hypersensitivity to heavy metals?

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I haven't had mine removed, I have too many and the cost would be prohibitive, plus at 70 years old it's not worth it now.

I hope you have sought out a specialist dentist who is experienced in removing amalgam fillings, special precautions are needed when removing them and "normal" dentists aren't right for this job.

In the US, dentists who are educated to safely remove amalgams are called biological dentists. Sorry I don't know what they're called in the UK. For starters safe removal includes: an O2 mask to prevent breathing in mercury vapors, a mouth dam to stop any going down your throat, special ventilation in the room, a long sleeved gown. X-rays should be taken after removal to be sure every speck is removed. Don't take Vit C before because it hinders anesthesia, but take lots of Vit C after. Good dentists will give IV Vit C. Google "biological dentists amalgam removal" to see all the necessary procedures.

There's information on safe amalgam removal on the IAOMT website.

Removing fillings stops ongoing exposure, but many people follow up with a detox protocol to remove heavy metals that have been absorbed. Are you planning on following a detox protocol following replacement of your amalgam filling? Two weeks after having my fillings replaced and beginning a detox protocol, I definitely noticed an improvement. Good luck!

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Hi Wellness1, can you tell me what your detox protocol is? Ive been thinking about doing a heavy metal detox post-extraction so any advice you have would be great.

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Sure, let me pull my thoughts together and send you something.

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